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Nintendo’s somatosensory game “Nintendo Switch Sports” will be updated for free at the end of November, adding a new “golf” item. Once again, Japan’s national goddess “Yui Aragaki” is invited to shoot a promotional video. Yui Aragaki demonstrates her swing in the video. Players call it super cute.

“Nintendo Switch Sports” will be released in April 2022. It focuses on “home arena”. Currently, it offers 6 sports: tennis, bowling, volleyball, badminton, ball -foot and fencing. Players need to wave the Joy-Con controller to simulate sports situations, support online mode, you can not only play against friends, but also play against players from all over the world through random matching .

The work will be greatly updated at the end of November, and a new “Golf” item will be added for free. Yui Aragaki will be invited to shoot a promotional video again. Yui Aragaki has already filmed “Ring Fit Adventure” and “Gather! “Animal Crossing Friends” and other promotional videos, each game is a hot seller, and can be regarded as the best spokesperson for Nintendo games. This time, he showed his swing in the “Nintendo Switch Sports” golf promotional video, and finally scored a par.

In the golf event, players use Joy-Con as a golf club, and must observe the direction of the land and the wind to adjust the strength and direction of the swing. Up to 8 players can play against each other at the same time. However, the officer reminds, for safety, play in a wide space to avoid bumping into people or objects around you, and keep a distance from the TV to avoid damage to the screen.


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