Home Entertainment “Yui” was afraid “Than” complained of the hardest love scene Get tired, feedback, bang, hit the audience’s hearts.

“Yui” was afraid “Than” complained of the hardest love scene Get tired, feedback, bang, hit the audience’s hearts.

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Feed back is delighted! Prove your skill! Behind the mother’s heroine “Yui Chiranan Manoem” Starting work after the first independent in CLUB FRIDAY THE SERIES when Second world On Channel One 31, produced by Chang, 2018, at this story Yui must use the power to show and reveal the most heavy love scenes in his life. Than Thanakorn The husband complains! Therefore invited Yui to open up This chapter is challenging Yui, apart from most of the love scenes, what else is there?

“For Yui, this matter, apart from the love scene, is probably an emotional story when I’m with Smart Krisada My husband and while living withIndie In Touch There are emotions of love, stress, hurt feelings, regret, pouring out sorrow. I suppressed everything a lot for this. “

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This story is a pushy person to find a man before training, how to prepare?

“(Laughs) probably doesn’t need training But how to prepare? When reading the script is very stressful, how to play? It’s the first story that plays something like this. Normally, he is a heroine, with only men coming to attack. This has to be pushed forward and pushed very hard. Stressed, told Pee Nui-Suthesit, director, that it was easier to Yui to do other things. But the director helped a lot. Use different camera angles, use images to help with mood lighting. Excited when playing The wooden hand trembled, but I thought that I really did my best. “

That Tan said that I don’t want to watch the love scene, are we okay? Deep down, do we want him to see it?

“Thann doesn’t say, but he doesn’t like it and doesn’t look at it. But lately, I have secretly complained that playing a role like this, read the chapter a little Be considerate of him. Prickly, we try to tell you that there are scenes like this. Which he came to know or saw later, will be angry But he remained silent, didn’t like it, but no matter what He will tell Yui first that he asks not to watch. You don’t have to force him to look Is that sometimes he doesn’t look and perseveres But some friends tag and send pictures to them. Is there a kind of play like this? They also have a stunned heart, but if Yui Yui does not want him to see. I took pity on him as well and was afraid he complained too

The feedback from the fans, is there any one that is particularly impressive? Tell us about it?

“I am very impressed. There are many messages sent to Yui, showing that people like it very much. In spite of the fact that it is a short series with only 4 episodes, it makes me feel very happy. Yui, I feel tired that we are dedicated, the fans have watched it and enjoyed it. There are many people who say that they have never seen Yui’s work, just come to see this story and love Yui’s performance and will continue to follow. So glad and proud Very happy with this work Thank you really. “

Real life, how do we add sweetness to each other?

“We will always add sweetness to each other. Will be together most of the time except during work We are already encouraging each other. Like this story, even though he knows that there are many love scenes over there, he never interferes with Yui’s work and he encourages them. Even if he doesn’t like it, he won’t say anything to make us feel bad. Has always been an encouragement to each other Both our work and his work We know that we are very active people. ”.

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