Yuki Haithongkam Removed as Heroine Due to Lightning Strike: Manager Clarifies

Manager Provides Explanation for Yuki Haithongkam’s Removal from Leading Actress Role

In a recent disclosure, the manager of Yuki Haithongkam shed light on the circumstances surrounding her removal from the highly acclaimed drama. Prajakchai Haithongkam addressed speculation that Yuki’s sudden departure was linked to a lightning incident that put an end to her tenure as the leading actress on a renowned channel.

Following the enthralling turn of events, Yuki Haithongkam found herself stripped of her role as the heroine due to an unfortunate encounter with lightning. The news quickly spread, prompting numerous inquiries from fans and the media alike. The controversial replacement sparked a highly debated topic as viewers wondered about the reasons behind Yuki’s departure from Channel ONE’s drama.

Adding fuel to the fire, Country People Magazine touched on the issue, stating, “Why was Yuki Haithongkam replaced?” The sudden absence of the talented actress from the show instigated a significant buzz among the audience. Country station FM 103 took it upon themselves to delve into the matter further by airing an exclusive feature on Yuki Penphaka Haithongkam’s removal from her coveted role in Fairy Workers One31. Interestingly, Yuki herself was present during the fitting for the character, raising suspicions and leaving many questioning the circumstances surrounding her dismissal.

To bring clarity to the situation, Mr. Prajakchai Haithongkam took to social media to provide his side of the story. In his post, he stated, “#Yuki is not acting in any dramas. No wrongdoing lies on her part. She simply received an offer from the organizers to sign a five-year contract. Golden Jar Camp and your mother created a disturbance!” Mr. Haithongkam’s message aimed to dispel any misunderstandings or misguided rumors related to the lightning incident, clarifying that Yuki’s departure was solely due to the culmination of her character’s journey.

The manager explained and understood the same. Prajakchai explained that the reason for the heavy drama was that Yuki was struck by lightning, ending her status as a leading actress on a famous channel.

Due to heavy drama, Yuki Haithongkam was removed from the heroine by lightning. Behind the country people page The post opened the issue: “Why was Yuki Haithongkam delegated?” Not acting in a drama on Channel ONE immediately became a hot topic. After the country station FM 103 opened up about the issue of Yuki Penphaka Haithongkam being replaced from the heroine role in Fairy Workers One31, on the day of the fitting, actor Rae Ngao Yuki came to join the fitting. It raises doubts as to why she was removed from this role, what, how….” amid a number of comments criticizing the play.

Recently, Mr. Prajakchai Haithongkam came out to post to clarify this issue. “#Yuki doesn’t act in dramas. I have no faults. Just got an offer from the organizer to sign a 5 year contract. Golden Jar Camp and your mother are inconvenient! I understand exactly. (It was not a mistake and there was no misunderstanding with the release of lightning. The heroine’s condition ended – people were shocked…)”

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