Yuki Tsunoda further tested on older Alpha Tauri Honda F1 machines[F1-Gate.com]

AlphaTauri Honda F1 plans to test for rookie Yuki Tsunoda prior to the 2021 F1 World Championship. Give an opportunity to drive with Imola on an old machine.

In the 2021 F1 World Championship, the official preseason test has been shortened to three days, with each driver having only one and a half days to drive a new car. Therefore, it will be difficult for a rookie like Yuki Tsunoda or a driver who has transferred a team.

Therefore, AlphaTauri Honda F1 is planning a test with an older machine at Imola for Yuki Tsunoda. According to media reports, there will be two opportunities: testing with older machines and new cars with Filming Day.

The first test will take place next week (January 27-28) and Yuki Tsunoda will run on older spec machines to increase mileage as part of the build-up program. Teammate Pierre Guthrie may also get some mileage there.

The team will then return to Imola for a second run between February 23rd and 25th. This could include the filming day for new cars in 2021.

The team is limited to three days of official testing, but the rules allow a two-day “promotional event” where new cars can be driven. These tests are limited to a maximum of 100km and the team can only use special shooting day tires for this evaluation.

AlphaTauri Honda F1 upgrades the rear end of the 2021 F1 car to that of Red Bull Racing’s last year’s RB16, even though F1 regulations allow it to upgrade without using development tokens Decided not to. It is said that the rear end of AT01 will be used as it is, and two development tokens will be used to develop a front end with a narrower nose.

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