Yuki Yanagita, a hawk, “screams” “Wow!” Fans are astonished by the roaring sound “Awesome sound” | Full-Count

A racehorse is to be presented with 40 home runs

Yuki Yanagita, an outfielder from Softbank, has released a video of a dynamic “screaming batting method”. Yanagita is currently doing voluntary training in Saga and Ureshino City. When I updated my Instagram, I uploaded a video of repelling the ball with a dynamic full swing while screaming “Wow!”.

Yanagita has set a goal of hitting 40 home runs next season, and when he achieves it, he will be presented with a racehorse from the “Togawa Ranch” run by the father of outfielder Daisuke Togawa, who also runs voluntary training. It also gives me new motivation, and I am also enthusiastic about hitting practice. In the uploaded video, the hit ball is skipped with a tremendous swing, along with a scream and a high-pitched hitting sound.

Fans also pay attention to this video. Along with the voices saying “Egg”, “Amazing”, “Exciting”, “Swing Egg is too invisible”, there are also comments on the reverberating “Amazing sound !!!” and “The sound is amazing”. Some fans wished to get a racehorse, achieving 40 horses, saying, “Let’s become a horse owner.”

[Actual video]”Awesome sound !!!” Fans are surprised by the roaring sound Taka and Yuki Yanagita’s “screaming batting method” video



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