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The specific high gravity straight worm series “Yummy” can be said to be JACKALL’s classic masterpiece.
It was discontinued on the road, but in recent years, the Yummy 500 3.5in has been revived, and Kyoya Fujita’s low specific gravity custom model (about 1/5 the specific gravity of salt) “Yummy 4.5 AR Custom” The Yummy series has been revived one after another, including its debut in June 2022!

Jackal’s new project “AR (Angler’s Request)” has started! The first one is Kyoya Fujita’s “Yummy 4.5 AR Custom” low specific gravity custom model!

Meanwhile, in September 2022, the new “Yummy 500 4.5in” will make a revival debut!

Yammy 500 4.5 in[Jackal]

Coming in September 2022

Yammy 500 4.5 inches” was released more than 15 to 20 years ago, if I remember correctly.
As soon as it was released, it was popular among tournament players as a worm with high feeding power that could only be caught by falling.

After that, although it was popular for a long time, it was discontinued.

of such”Yammy 500 4.5 inches“However, in response to consumer voices wanting a revival,Feco certified worms for use in JB/NBC tournamentsAnd it was decided to make a revival debut!

Name Oct Number Price (tax included)
Yummy 500 4.5 inches 8 pieces ¥891

The official Jackal “Yummy 500 4.5in” detailed page isClick here

3 reasons why you can hold Yummy 500 4.5 inches

① Spontaneous action

Yammy 500 4.5 inches” A shimmy will fall spontaneously just by throwing it and letting it fall, inviting bass.

② High specific gravity body

Yammy 500 4.5 inches” adopts a high specific gravity material with a self-weight of about 4.5g on its own, and it is excellent in operation and water pushing!

③ Versatility due to simple shape

Symmetrical body (right and left)”Yammy 500 4.5 inches” tries to return to its original shape while strongly pushing water after the action when used in a crazy rig. The vibration at that time is greater than magnitude and stimulates the feeding habits of the bass.

In addition, as it is a simple shape, it can be used with different rigs. It is very versatile and goes with different situations.

Color variations

The lineup includes 10 colors with a proven track record.

shrimp miso red flakes


pink bubblegum


sand crayfish

The Gripan Worm

live worms



Imitation striped shrimp

that’s all,”Yammy 500 4.5 inchespresented it.

Try it for yourself!
Also, it can be used in JB/NBC tournaments, so try to use it in tournaments!


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