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Yummy! Phat Anon cleared knot resigned or got fired from famous programs Revealing the reason why reconcile Nick Kunathip

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It can be said that he is both a director and a golden hand sculptor. and the MC that when time moves There is always only news to be able to gossip all the time really for “Pach Anon” by the bright show of the Workpoint channel. The presenter is “Master Yingsak Jonglert Jesadawong” Invited “Pach Anon” to interview and answer shot-to-shot to announcing his resignation
one show host In conclusion, either resign or get fired!! Along with also getting a video call for “Nick Kunathip Pinpradab” to get clear out of the couple’s mouths, let’s see what’s going on right now!

MC: From the news that Pach went to laugh and criticize until the tour went down, why is it like that?
Pach : Well, if anyone really saw the news that day I’m not going to mention his brother who was shot and killed in that respect. I would say that something like this shouldn’t happen in Thailand. And as I laughed, I didn’t laugh in that break. I laughed at the brake later. which brakes after This will only be a fun story. And in the latter, I also said that I would like to express my condolences to the younger brother who died.

MC: But what Pach said, it doesn’t look sad at all. People will see Pach as a person who can’t blame. can’t comment and also posted that “Prepare to earn money for insults” like this?
Pach : I know that people nowadays No matter how good it is I was insulted… Therefore, we have to live with this society. I think that the words “blame” and “scolding” are not the same. If they blame, we can’t sue the police or sue the court, but if “scolding” we can sue, for example. The word “through the condom” something like this, so the lawyer handles it. is that people nowadays are too insulting But let me tell you, “I definitely won’t want flowers!! Ask for cash only!”

MC: And seeing that Pach shows his spirit by resigning from one program, I want to ask whether he resigned or he fired?
Pach : I resigned first. I know that the program will be closed in 1-2 months. and reasons for leaving So that he doesn’t have to worry about what the MC will do next. So I announced my resignation, which I’ve encountered all the time since I’ve been in the industry. I’ve seen it all my life, don’t you think? What can this thing do to me… I want to say anything But I have a tank Whoever said that, but we are rich.

Host: And what about that? Who is it? There are people who are biting each other. What is it?
Pach : It depends on the person. Children need to be like this person. This person is good. That person is not good.
MC: And what about that watermelon fruit? OK, what is it?
Pach : With Watermelon Nida, I can honestly say that Never had a fight Haven’t seen him in a very long time. We just met at Workpoint. He came in and said, “Oh, P’Pach, we don’t have anything.” I don’t have one myself… I’m the one who isn’t angry with anyone and will take my heart and bury it like that.

The program asks for a strong, clear, direct connection to the video call for Nick Kunathip about the past story, face to face. In conclusion, now Nick and Phachar are exactly what it is!!
MC: I want to ask that now Nick has left P’Pach. leaving the job For what reason?
Pach : Wait a moment, ask again. Did you leave P’Pach?
Nick: (laughs) Actually, we didn’t leave work. Now he has been back with P’Pach for a while. For me and P’Pach We just don’t understand each other more. Really, the two of us. we love each other But we may have some misunderstandings. which me and P’Pach We get into fights a lot, but every now and then it’s like getting back together.

MC: Let’s be honest, is it about Nick going to live with a woman or not?
Nick: Actually, it’s not about this. It’s mostly about work. and more misunderstanding I don’t want to get other people involved.

Phat Anon

MC: So why did Nick leave the watermelon and come to live with P’Pach?
Nick: I didn’t leave. Each person has their own life.

Host: Things that come into your life What does it teach?
Nick: It taught me to grow up, like teaching me when we do something. We have to think a lot. In the past, I might have done something that was too impatient.

MC: And now is there a new girl?
Nick: Yes, I have normal, which Pach will always know. when I have a boyfriend I never turned off anything. I talked to Pach all the time.

MC: From now on, will you obey P’Pach? or will it be bullish again
Nick: Can I be cast by cast? (Laughs at Phachara’s face) Being a person, I never asked for P’Pach’s permission. But Phi Pach, because he was worried about that. because he saw us since childhood

Clear the news clearly like this! Let’s just say it’s just something that we don’t understand. As for the issue between Phat and Nick Kunathip, now they both reconcile and understand each other as before… Follow the spiciness of the “Pak Sawang” program of Workpoint Channel. to present all the hot topics in the industry and expose them to be understood without a hint Every Friday at 9:15 p.m. on Workpoint Channel, press number 23

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