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Yunho Yoo, who refused to be’building owner’ Purchased 16.3 billion buildings as a family corporation

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[이데일리 김민정 기자] Amid controversy amid controversy amid controversy amid controversy that group TVXQ member Yuno Yunho violated the corona 19 quarantine rules and stayed at an unauthorized entertainment bar, the fact that he owned the building as a family corporation is attracting attention belatedly.

Recently, in various online communities, Yunho Yoo’s remark that “I will not become the owner of the building” has posted an article stating that he bought the building as a family corporation in 2016.

One netizen said, “It is not wrong to buy a building, but when I commented that it would be burdensome to talk about this, the account was blocked.”

(Photo = MBC’Dunia ~ the first world I met’)

The fact that Yunho Yunho is a building owner is attracting more attention because of his remarks in MBC’s’Dunia-The First World I Met’ aired in July 2018.

On this day, Yunho Yunho said, “Honestly, did you not make a lot of money? Don’t other singers buy a lot of buildings with old age guarantees? My brother is so simple that I am curious about why it is,” he said, “I actually have a dream. I want to establish a school when I have the opportunity. I want to become the principal who will be responsible for the musical future art school.

He then said, “I was stupid thinking that if I established a musical school, then the culture of our country would become stronger and stronger,” he said, showing off the iconic aspect of passion.

In 2016, Corporation A purchased a building in Pungnam-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul for 16.3 billion won. The corporate representative, Mr. Jung, is the same as Yunho Yunho’s father. The representative’s address also coincided with Yunho’s home address.

In particular, it is reported that A corporation was a company that had nothing to do with the rental business before 2016.

Regarding this, some netizens pointed out, “Isn’t it possible to buy a building using a shortcut to get tax cuts by breaking through the loopholes of the system?”

When a real estate corporation owns a house, acquisition tax and property tax are reduced, and a higher mortgage recognition rate is applied to a home mortgage loan than an individual. In addition, multi-homed people are subject to the tax rate due to a low capital gains tax at the same time significantly reducing the burden of comprehensive real estate tax. In addition, corporate-name houses are not included in the number of privately owned houses even when calculating the tax, which can significantly lower taxes.

(Photo = E-Daily DB)

It is pointed out that it is not illegal in itself to purchase real estate under the name of a family corporation, but it is pointed out that the problem is that it can be viewed as owning the real estate by expediently breaking the loopholes of the system.

Furthermore, the acquisition of real estate using corporations is not limited to tax savings, but is abused as a means of tax evasion.

In this regard, last year, the National Tax Service launched a tax investigation on those who attempted tax evasion in the form of establishing a real estate corporation.

Meanwhile, Yunho Yunho was arrested by the police at the end of last month on charges of staying at a restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul until midnight past 10pm.

Afterwards, Yunho Yun-ho said through her Instagram, “I am too embarrassed to be ashamed of myself for not meeting the business hours while spending time meeting and talking with friends. I apologized, saying, “I regret and apologize.”

However, on the 12th, the acquaintances who were present with Yunho Yoo had a struggle when they were caught, and it was shocked by reports that it was confirmed that Yunho Yoo was trying to escape.

In addition, the company that Yunho Yunho visited is in a shopping mall in Cheongdam-dong, and it was operated on a reservation system that only customers who have previously visited or reserved. In addition, although it was registered as a general restaurant at the competent ward office, it is known that it was actually an illegal entertainment bar.

Accordingly, Yunho Yunho’s management agency SM Entertainment refuted all of these facts and said, “I never did anything wrong except violating the quarantine rules.”

As the general public has praised his upright life by calling Yu-no-Yuno’Passion Mansour,’ the suspicion surrounding Yun-ho has not subsided despite such clarification by the agency.

As a result, Yogiyo and Ottogi Cupbob, a delivery moon app that featured Yunho Yunho as a model, are deleting advertisement images.


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