“Yuparat Matchima-Nattapong Prakhu” won the 1st prize in the competition “25 young and clear faces” by PURE CARE BSC (North Region).

PURE CARE BSC Cosmetics, ICC International Public Company Limited by Dr Chanjira Chanchom, Assistant Director of the Cosmetics and Fragrance Department, Ms Darani Matakaew, PURE CARE BSC Cosmetics Product Manager. Products that have won Beauty Awards from various organizations. Leading Thailand and abroad Safe even for sensitive skin Because it has passed the Clinical Testing test from Germany, invented, researched and produced specifically for Asian women’s skin. suitable for all skin types Even women with sensitive skin are confident in using it. As the brand slogan “The Expert in Asian Sensitive Skin” this time, PURE CARE BSC cosmetics in collaboration with Robinson Department Store, Phitsanulok branch, organized the “25 young, clear faces” competition by PURE CARE BSC to find faces young, bright. Very talented, dare to show up to win a cash prize with the opportunity to step into the entertainment industry And represent BSC GOFAL PURE products with cash prizes and awards. The total value is more than 235,000 baht and is a representative or brand ambassador of PURE CARE BSC products. In this competition, there are more than 50 people interested in applying The brand has selected 20 people to compete in these judging rounds and the winners of the competition are as follows:

1st Prize (Male – Female)
Cash 10,000 baht per prize Product 20,000 baht per prize Total prize 30,000 baht per prize

Winner of Miss Healthy Skin 2022 (North) Ms Yuparat Matchima

Mister Healthy Skin Winner 2022 (North) Natthaphong Prabhu Mr

1st runner up (male and female)
Cash 5,000 baht per prize Product 15,000 baht per prize Total prize 20,000 baht per prize

Miss Healthy Skin 1st runner-up 2022 (North) Ms. Pimpakarn Pholcharoenrat

Mister Healthy Skin 1st runner up 2022 (North) Mr. Pakin Kanchanajuta

2nd runner up (male and female)
Prize money 3,000 baht per product 7,000 baht per prize Total prize 10,000 baht per prize

2nd Miss Healthy Skin 2022 (North) Ms. Neeracha Sawasdee (Muna)

2nd runner-up Mister Healthy Skin 2022 (North) Mr. Kanpat Sansanoh (Anas)
Popular Vote Award (Male-Female)

Prize money 3,000 baht per product 7,000 baht per prize Total prize 10,000 baht per prize
Miss Popular Vote 2022 Award (North) Miss Chutikan
Mister Popular Vote Award 2022 (North) Natthaphong Prakhu Mr

Follow the movement at the PURE CARE BSC cosmetics counter.
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