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Yusakumaezawa is accepting applicants for the first lunar flyby on a rocket | RYT9

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The dearMoon Project was announced on a video today that Eight people were invited to be selected to participate in the one-week mission of SpaceX’s Starship rocket in 2023, with this trip to the moon by Mr. Yusakumae. Sawa, a Japanese businessman It is the sponsor of all finances. And his inspiration to support this mission It is stemmed from the curiosity and the desire to see and appreciate the Earth from afar in space.

In the video clip, Maesawa mentioned the inspiration behind the dearMoon Project, saying, “I started asking questions. Every human being who is creating something in life is also an artist, isn’t it? When you can think like that Therefore, I would like my invitation to reach a wider social circle. And allows many people from all over the world to join this journey If you think that you are an artist You are indeed an artist. “

Elon Musk, lead engineer at SpaceX, said: “The key thing about the dearMoon mission is that this will be the first privately operated, human-occupied space flight beyond Earth orbit. I know Maezawa-san will be supporting the artists and other groups to travel this time as well. So he wants this mission to be exciting and inspiring to people all over the world. ”

With the beliefs of Mr. Yusaku Maezawa that all human beings are artists who make their own way. So he invites everyone who sees himself as an artist to apply for the project. With 2 conditions as follows:

Candidates for the dearMoon program must demonstrate that they have the potential for personality growth through participation in this mission. And bring this experience further to create value for the world in the future By producing social works that will benefit humanity until the generations

Applicants must be able to support other applicants of equal level of potential and vision.

The selection process will begin today. It has the following steps:
To apply for selection for the dearMoon Project, you can fill out an application form at: https://dearmoon.earth/pre-reg.html#en

Step 1: Register for admission (by 14 Mar 2021 at 6:59 PST)
Step 2: First screening of applicants (by March 21, 2021 at 6:59 PST).
Step 3: recruit applicants
Step 4: interview online
Step 5: Final interview and health check (Late May. 2564)

About the project dearMoon Project

The first lunar flyby mission carried out by this NGO The mission is planned as early as 2023, with SpaceX’s Starship rocket will take a week to travel to the moon and return to Earth.In 2018, Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa bought a seat. All in this mission And in order to give the most talented individuals the opportunity to join the journey in this mission He made the announcement in March. In 2021, it plans to select eight mission participants from applicants around the world. More information can be found at https://dearmoon.earth/

Download download dearMoon Project Press Kit Get at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kte7bp6nq00z0d1/AADNNBjjTAK2mnfEmF3B_gDSa?dl=0

About Yuzakumaezawa

Mr. Yuzakumaezawa, age 45, was born in 1975 in Japan.

Maezawa is a businessman, an art collector, and a moon traveler. And social activists who hope for a peaceful world After graduating from Waseda High School Jitsukyo and lived in the United States for a while. Maesawa began selling CDs and vinyl records in the mail, and in 1998, the same year that Maezawa’s rock band released their first large album. He also founded START TODAY, which later grew to become Japan’s largest online fashion store, ZOZOTOWN, registered on the stock market and valued at US $ 10 billion in 2019. Sold the company to Softbank Group and stepped down as CEO After that He also initiated several projects. Including investing in 13 companies to help them get listed on the stock exchange. And a project to give money to the general public Which has already paid up to 28 million US dollars Stating that it is a social experiment on Basic Income (current data as of March 2021)


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