Yuta Watanabe, who will host the opening of the 5th NBA season with the winning candidate Nets, predicts how to use him and the role he will be required to play – Basket Count | Basket Account

A defense that brings momentum to the team and a leading running role

Yuta Watanabe joins the Nets opening roster. After spending two years with the Grizzlies and two years with the Raptors, Watanabe will enter his fifth season in the NBA.

Watanabe, whose contract with the Raptors has expired, joined the Nets on a non-guaranteed camp contract, but in preseason games he rarely plays with youngsters competing for survival, and his appointed at the same time as the main players he had been. Although he was in a position to compete for the roster, it was clear that he was considered a force, and it was almost certain that he would remain on the opening roster.

I want to think how to use it. New addition Ben Simmons will be a power forward and is expected to share a game role with point guard Kyrie Irving. Simmons and center Nicholas Craxton will be supported by Lois O’Neill and Markieff Morris.

Watanabe was assigned to the Raptors primarily as a power forward due to team circumstances, and was often required to defend on the inside, but he appears to be a pure forward in the Nets. Mainly supporting Kevin Durant. Still, Durant averaged 37.2 minutes of playing time last season, and played nearly a full 44.0 minutes in the playoffs. If it’s just a liaison role, Watanabe’s playing time will be short-lived to let the ace take a breather.

Still, Durant’s burden was too much for the Nets last season, and one of the reasons he has asked to be traded this offseason. Durant will play a critical role 48 minutes per game, but Watanabe has no choice but to build trust and increase the playing time he can be entrusted with during the other hours. If the opponent becomes Durant, it will be a difficult task, but if Watanabe’s playing time increases from 10 minutes to 15 minutes, then 20 minutes, the burden on the ace will decrease, and the value of Watanabe’s existence in the Nets is increasing.

Of course, he doesn’t need the same ace move as Durant, and when standing on the court, he will fight unrefined, bring momentum to the team with defense, and fulfill the role of running the front of the fast attack. This should be easier for Watanabe to deal with than it was with the Raptors when he was forced to do the work of a big man.

If he can gain credibility here and maintain a passable 3-point shooting percentage, he can break into the roles of Joe Harris and Seth Curry. Harris and Seth are both players who are far above Watanabe in terms of achievements, but they are behind with injuries at the start of the season.

By the way, the Nets are a team with a lot of injuries. Watanabe has a history of repeated ankle injuries and has withdrawn when his condition has improved, so he must survive the season without injury while playing hard.

Despite his four-year NBA career, Watanabe doesn’t have much of a history. Still, compared to the Grizzlies and Raptors, the Nets should be easier to play as they focus on supporting stars like Durant. In the press conference at the start of the season, he said, “With so many stars, my role becomes unrefined. It’s important to bring my own energy to the team. “I’ n excited to think about my role in

“I don’t think it will be that easy again this year, but I believe that if I do what I have to do, I will get good results. I want to enjoy it.” I would like to expect Yuta Watanabe’s “fifth year leap”.

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