Yuya Mori, Otani seen through the mask has a “little face” Reed also gives up “I’m going to be knocked over” | Full Account

Mori Yuya makes his debut at home with “No. 5 Catcher”, and the samurai batting line is “connected”

Orix lost to Samurai Japan 1-9 in the “Carnext 2023 WORLD CLASSIC warm-up game” on the 7th. Catcher Tomoya Mori, who made his home base debut as “No.

Despite leading the young pitchers including starting pitcher Higashi and second pitcher Ryo Yoshida, he was unable to stop Samurai Japan. He spoke of his impression of the samurai batting lineup, which includes Ohtani, Nootvar, and Yoshida in the major leagues, saying, “At first glance, they look like they’re all power hitters, but then connection.

As for Otani, who is attracting attention from all over Japan, he said with a smile, “Even though he was so big, his face was so small.”

He was cheering for the team who are aiming to become world number one for the first time in three tournaments, saying, “I’m rooting for you, and I want you to become number one in the world as a representative of Japan .”

(Kengo Hashimoto)


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