Yuya Mori, who joined Ori, talked about the “conflict” until the transfer.

“I don’t see a team that shrinks young players as attractive.”

On the 21st, catcher Yuya Mori, who has exercised domestic FA rights from Seibu and decided to transfer to Orix, responded to a telephone interview with the press. The decisive factor in the transfer to the league champions for the second year in a row was “an environment where you can relax”.

“I have nothing but thanks to Seibu. I was a bad catcher (when I first joined the company), but they forced me to use them and made me grow to this point,” he said Shinmiri. On the other hand, she revealed, “I was very worried, but the best thing was that I wanted to try again in a new environment.”

He was born in Osaka Prefecture and dressed to do a “U-turn”, but he explained, “I didn’t particularly want to go back to my hometown.” “As I was working in a new environment, when I thought about the environment that would suit me and where I could relax, I thought it would be Orix. He said, “I don’t feel the appeal of a team where young players wither.”

Orix also has catcher Kenya Wakatsuki and catcher Ryo Ishikawa who were traded from Nippon-Ham, but he said, “Of course, I will continue as a catcher. Regular catcher Wakatsuki and Ishikawa are classmates and outfield rivals rice

Next season’s opener will be against Seibu at the Belluna Dome…as well as against Yamakawa’s “best friend”