Zab Talujor reality show Sexy Mama Katriya-Hana-Pancake sit on the altar of madame

Heavy duty with the reunion of 3 mothers of the entertainment industry, led by MadameKat Katrina English MadameHana Tassanawalai and madamPancake Khemanit who opened a single to sit at Madam for the first time

Ready to take on the role of being a mentor and judge the fate of all 20 contestants along with Crane Parama Im-Anothai The hottest hero who made his debut as a reality show host for the first time. Guaranteed fun, delicious through the screen with a test that must show both smarts and strength. On air all over the country on Saturday 29 January on Channel 3

Ploy Rattanarat Ueathaweekul Executive Producer of Sexy Mama said, “Sexy Mama is a reality show that seeks to define a new era of femininity that is both internally and externally elegant. Be mesmerized by the sexiness that is not measured by proportions.

and the confidence that it’s not just pheasant Through the mission to find a woman who represents the era and is the real one or the mother icon who is complete with personality, all-around charm, good attitude, ingenuity.

And the important thing is to have confidence. There were auditions from Thai women all over the country. No restrictions on occupation and status

Until 20 contestants will join the unexpected missions and tests in the show throughout the 13 Episodes that are sure that the audience will receive fun, excitement and inspiration. with tips on how to take care of and develop yourself in the style of a modern woman throughout the program.”

MadameKat Katrina English 90’s idols who shine “Sexy & Attractive” in every gesture Mention the new role this time that

“Excited and delighted to take on the role of Madam among the 20 contestants, which in this show will reveal all the secrets to taking care of yourself and from 30 years of entertainment experience to the contestants. 20 people with absolutely no vest

I believe that all viewers will be able to join in the win, support and be able to bring all the tips for taking care of yourself from Kat and many experts from many circles who will come to cut all contestants to shine as a new person. The best version in its own way.”

while madamHana Tassanawalai Chakrabongse The representative of the modern woman who is “Glamorous”, complete and successful. Both in work and in family life revealed that

“Sexy Mama was a huge challenge for me. With the first experience of taking on the role of Madam, it was everything to the contestants who said it was extraordinary.

because each person has their own spiciness which to do this duty admits that there is a lot of pressure Because they have to take on the role of mentors and judges who will decide who will stay or go.

Which each contestant is very dedicated in every mission, so I want everyone to support us all and the 20 contestants believe that the audience will get good inspiration. and seeing the strength of women in ways you never expected from Sexy Mama.”

MadamePancake Khemanit Jamikorn The representative of the new generation of women, “Perfect,” said, “Most excited about Sexy Mama because it marks the first time in many areas. It was her first time acting as Madam on a reality show.

which from the beginning of filming, it felt fun and get excited as well as being impressed with the dedication in every detail of every team including the dedication of the contestants Let’s call everyone serious.

which by being human Perfectionist puts quite a bit of pressure on this item. Because being a reality show, we don’t have the right to know in advance what each problem in each episode will be, which can be said that each test chapter in the show will definitely make viewers unexpected. I want everyone to join and cheer for every mission of the girls. in the list.”

Get ready for the massive reality show Sexy Mama, where viewers will follow the new roles of the 3 mothers and the stories of 20 women going through unexpected weekly tests of their hearts and minds. Thailand’s first mother icon. that will reflect the sexiness, attractiveness, elegance and perfection in the style of modern women To inspire girls of all ages to stop being spicy Start airing every Saturday at 6:20 PM. You can watch it on Channel 3 for the first time on Saturday 29 January.

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