Zelensky: Putin wants a sea of ​​blood because he is in Ukraine… a nuclear attack cannot be ruled out

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on the 21st that “Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to drown Ukraine in a sea of ​​blood, which includes the blood of his own soldiers.”

“I haven’t seen Putin’s speech on TV,” Zelensky said in his first interview with Germany’s Bild after announcing Putin’s blitzkrieg order.

“President Putin has already implemented a partial military mobilization order,” he said.

Throughout the month, he enforced a mobilization ordinance,” he said.

“The Russian mobilization order is evidence that Russia has a problem with its officers and other military personnel,” Zelensky said.

They were young men who couldn’t fight.

“They didn’t even finish their education and they died,” he said.

“These people are all incapable of fighting,” he said. “They come to us and lose their lives.”

“President Putin would have seen his soldiers run away,” he said.

President Zelensky’s threats from Putin didn’t seem particularly fazed.

“There are no plans to stop recovering the territories occupied by Ukraine,” he said.

He added that the referendum Putin is trying to hold is a fake vote and that “90% of countries around the world will not admit it.”

Regarding Putin’s indirect threat to use nuclear weapons, Zelensky said, “I don’t think he will use a nuclear weapon.” “The world will not tolerate this.”

But he did not rule out the possibility of a nuclear attack, saying, “We can’t look into those people’s heads,” and “there’s always a risk.”

“Tomorrow, Putin will annex part of Polish territories apart from Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

We must not accept compromises,” he added.

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