Zelensky’s media should not be uncovered to army operations

‘The much more you communicate about armed service functions, the extra

It will be less difficult to put into action.”

◆… Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (Picture Reuters)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged federal government officers not to mention Russian-linked military methods in the media, calling it “irresponsible”.
The Washington Submit (WP) and New York Instances (NYT) and other popular international media anonymously reported the testimony of a Ukrainian federal government formal concerning the explosion at a Russian air foundation in Crimea this week.
They said the explosion had very little to do with Ukraine, but Ukrainian governing administration officers claimed they could not say evidently that they were not guiding the explosion.
“War is not for self-importance or raucous statements,” Zelensky instructed Reuters
“It really is wholly irresponsible if you do this simply because you want to make headlines in newspapers,” Zelensky said.
Ukrainian protection authorities also explained they experienced released an investigation into the identity of an insider who leaked navy strategies to the media.

Jose Ilbo / Correspondent Hwang Joo-younger flylikekite94@joseilbo.com

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