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Reporter Cai Yifang / Comprehensive Report

Artist Zeng Guanting has a dazzling appearance and a hot figure. She became popular by playing the role of a bad woman. She has been seen in many well-known eight o’clock files, and she was named “the goddess of local dramas”. On the 14th, she showed off her long beautiful legs on the social platform, and laughed and said that “children are not suitable.”

▲ Zeng Wanting has a beautiful appearance and is loved by many fans. (Photo / Retrieved from Facebook / Zeng Wanting)

Zeng Wanting shared a beautiful photo on the social platform on the 14th. In the photo, she was wearing a tight black skirt with high slits, and the S-curve was unobstructed. With a bending movement, her straight and long beautiful legs were leaked directly, causing netizens to shout ” Who can stand it?” “It’s too sultry.” Zeng Guanting also joked, “It’s not suitable for children, please change the stage without a parent.”

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▲▼Zeng Wanting bent over and took a spicy photo

▲ Zeng Wanting’s hot and beautiful legs are against the sky. (Photo / Retrieved from Facebook / Zeng Wanting)

In fact, Zeng Wanting, who is 168 cm tall, has maintained a weight of about 47 kg for many years, and once said that she “will collapse when she sees 8”. In addition to controlling her diet, she is also diligent in exercising and fitness. Every time you share a beautiful photo, netizens will riot and watch.

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