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There are few “complimentary” jobs in Hong Kong, and many people drool and hate doing them, so they try their best to fight for them.

The Jockey Club is a “club”, and many situations can be “black box operations”. In particular, there is a strange system, that is, the directors recommend the selection committee, and conversely, the directors are selected by the selection committee. So, the interests are linked, you have me, and I have you.

Therefore, the relationship has always been extremely “harmonious”, no one will “make trouble and rain”, and it has been stable for hundreds of years. Until last year, the “King of the New Territories” Liu Yeqiang suddenly wanted to “elect” directors.

Do you want to add quotation marks for a selected word? This is because the directors are never “chosen”, but are created through negotiation, based on seniority and seniority.

How can Liu Yeqiang have the strength or influence to break a network of relationships like a fortified wall? Such a powerful campaign has already offended a large number of established police forces, and I believe that there will be no opportunity to sit on the board of directors again.

What about the chairman? Originally, it has always been the rule that as long as the chairman is under 70, most of them can be re-elected once. However, there was another storm in the last session. Some people made great efforts to “persuade” Chen Nanlu not to fight for re-election.

As a result, Li Zihou sat upright in his early 60s. That is? That is, if he fights, he may lose his fortune. However, here comes the question again, if you want to serve two terms, what about Liao Changjiang, the vice chairman who will be 66 years old next year? He definitely wants to do two seasons. When Li Zihou’s term is completed, will others “persuade” him? The crane by the pond really wants to know!
Zeng Zhihua


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