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Original title: Zhang Junning: Enjoy the moment to the fullest, without forgetting the original intention of the performance

With the end of the third performance of the second season of “Overcoming hardness”, Zhang Junning said goodbye to this step. From the initial anxiety of coming to the show, to the later integration into altruism, and then to leaving, he felt that he had gained too much indescribable benefit. “To be honest, I never considered this show as a competition. It made my dream come true.”

Sharing the stage with idols he admired since childhood and challenging rap music for the first time… On the stage of “Overcoming hardship”, actor Nanjing Zhang Junning had a new experience in his acting career. During the interview, Zhang Junning told reporters from the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News that this trip is more like a “dream come true trip”. “I want to keep this experience in my heart. Regardless of what film I film in the future, it will remind me of the original intention of acting, to enjoy the moment and enjoy the performance.”

Don’t forget the original intention of the performance, enjoy the moment to the fullest

In 2007, the TV series “Five Star Hotel” where Hai Yan was a screenwriter became popular with Pan Yulong played by Zhang Junning, who was still a college student at the time. “I made my debut very early. I started filming TV series when I was a sophomore. At that time, I was a child who was ignorant and I didn’t know anything. When I started filming, I to play the male lead, and the starting point was also very high. Later, there were some low points. When I was in the show, I had no filming at all, and I have been unemployed. “I entered the entertainment industry in awe. , and in the following ten years, I also tried many good and bad things. “I love acting very much. No matter how difficult it is, I will never give up. I hope that all of my work is at least valuable and can bring strength to people. “

“This is a dream come true.” Before starring in “Overcoming Hardship”, Zhang Junning did not have much experience in reality shows. He said he didn’t fall in love with reality TV much, and spent most of his time filming in the crew since he started his career. Decided to appear in this reality show, but also because of the love for music. As a leading student in musical theatre, he released a music single shortly after his debut. “Students studying musicals all have a stage dream. I released an album before, but I didn’t have time to promote it because I was filming. Besides, I really want to challenge myself, so I think this show suits me very well.”

Zhang Junning revealed that he only knew at the last moment that he was going to appear in this variety show, and then flew to Changsha, and the show officially started recording less than a day later. “The time is very fast. From choosing songs to arranging music, to learning dance moves, it will be completed within a day, and then I will perform on stage. Even when I walk on stage, I am constantly adjusting the movements. “I would like to thank my good friends here. Lee Seung-hyun, he helped me see the effect and made adjustments for me.”

As long as you enjoy the stage to the fullest, you won’t regret what you’ve done. “The purpose of this stage is to perform incisively and vividly. I have to take this feeling in my heart. No matter what crew I film in the future, I will never forget the original intention of performing, and I will enjoy the moment to the fullest.”

Come together with brothers day and night, and see life from multiple dimensions

More than 30 brothers challenged different styles of music and performances under the spotlight, and lived together to reveal every bit of friendship. Behind the glittering stage, Zhang Junning said that not only must the complex dance movements and formations be practiced over and over again, but the team members must also cooperate with his each other to make the dance look uniform. “We were almost ‘soaked’ in the rehearsal room. From morning until early the next day, we practiced the moves and picked out the details over and over again. “He also challenged rap for the first time on the show , not only writes his own words, but also writes his own words Content is presented on stage. “I racked my brain to write the lyrics. My teammates and I have been thinking how to make them cooler, or how to make them more compatible with the song itself. creation, I kept reversing and rewriting it, writing every day. Early in the morning. Anyway, I think that experience was very refreshing and enjoyable, and it’s worth remembering. “

“It feels amazing. I grew up listening to De Viagra’s music. Who would have thought I could live in a dormitory with him, practice together, and finally perform together on the same stage. ” Looking back on the days of getting along with “Brothers”, Zhang Junning said: He said, “After getting along, I found that the other party was super careful and very careful. Before contacting De Viagra, He was really an idol, but after getting along for a long time, I found that he is a very warm big brother. , He took care of us carefully, and prepared lemonade or something for us, the people are very nice. ” Zhang mentioned Junning also for another idol, Ren Xianqi. “Brother Ren Xianqi, I think the contrast is very big. I also grew up listening to his songs. I think he should be quite cool, but in life, he is a warm man ‘, and he is also someone who takes care of his teammates.”

In this time, Zhang Junning has won a lot with Du Dewei and Ren Xianqi, and has become more multi-dimensional to look at life. “When I lived with Ren Xianqi, he shared with me the experience of filming that year, and he really suffered. Because he was filming a lot of fight scenes, he started from some small roles, and kept working.” n hard, and then slowly others got it. Recognition. I see the spirit of perseverance and not giving up in them. If you like something, don’t worry about the result, as long as that you do it well with enthusiasm, there will always be gains.”

Yangzi Late News/Ziniu News Reporter Zhang Nan

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