Zhang Shuai is physically and mentally exhausted from the third line battle and missed the women’s quarterfinals_Group_Match Day_Pliskova

Original title: Zhang Shuai is physically and mentally exhausted in the third line battle and misses the top eight women’s singles

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Long Xi reported: On January 23, the eighth match day of the Australian Open, in the women’s singles 1/8 final round, the No. 23 seed and China’s Jinhua Zhang Shuai lost 0-6, 4-6 to 30 Number 1 seed and Czech star Pliskova missed the quarter-finals. In the third round of the women’s doubles, Yang Zhaoxuan/Zhan Haoqing eliminated the Ukrainian and Belgian pair Karinina/Ujtfank 6-3, 7-5 and entered the quarter-finals.

In a match in the fourth round of the women’s singles, Zhang Shuai met former world No. 1 Pliskova again. The two sides have played a total of 7 times before, all of which Pliskova won. In the eighth fight, Zhang Shuai was still unable to defeat his opponent.

In the game, Zhang Shuai’s fatigue can be clearly seen. In this year’s Australian Open, Zhang Shuai fought on three fronts, which used a lot of physical and mental energy. In this game, Zhang Shuai was obviously slow. Women’s doubles and mixed doubles have dragged the performance of women’s singles down. If she gives up properly, it may lead to a new development in singles.

So far, the Chinese team has all been eliminated in this year’s Australian Open singles, among which Zhu Lin and Zhang Shuai broke into the top 16.

In the women’s doubles competition, Australia’s Yang Zhaoxuan/Zhan Haoqing and France’s Stosur/Kornet defeated Spain’s Buksa/Nimiya Makoto of Japan, the Ukraine and Belgium’s Karinina/Uytfank into the eighth round. Strong, next will be against the American combination Gauff/ Pegula.

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