Zhang Shuai saved a match point to win a tie break, reverse Garcia and advance to the quarter-finals at Tokyo Station – yqqlm

Original title: Zhang Shuai saves match point to win tie break, reverse Garcia and advance to quarter-finals at Tokyo Station

CCTV News: On September 21, Beijing time, the second round of the women’s singles competition will begin at the 2022 WTA500 Tokyo Station. The Chinese player Zhang Shuai fought fiercely for 2 hours and 30 minutes. After solving a match point in the third set, he managed to reverse by winning a tie break, and in the end he defeated the No. 2 seed in the match by 4-6/7 -6(5)/7-6(5). .

In the first set, Garcia felt hot as soon as he came up, scoring 8 of the first 10 points and opening with a 2-0 advantage. Zhang Shuai gradually improved his condition, but Garcia had no choice but to serve the ball all the time. After 40 minutes of the match, Zhang Shuai lost the first set 4-6. In the first game, Garcia hit 10 Aces balls.

In the second set, Zhang Shuai was leading 3-0 at the beginning. Although he was unable to take the lead 5-2 and was dragged into the tie, he also managed to overcome a 1-3 deficit in the draw, and finally finished 7-6 ( 5) Withdrawal of a city. It is also the first time in the five clashes in their careers that a draw has been required. In this set, Garcia hit 8 more Aces. As soon as the match ended, Zhang Shuai communicated with the referee, saying that he was hungry and needed to eat bread. Coach Liu Shuo immediately went into the stands to prepare when he heard that.

In the third set, both sides played steady in their respective service games, but Zhang Shuai faced a break point in the 10th game, but survived the pressure to save a match point and made a thrilling safe serve. The game entered the tie again. Zhang Shuai quickly reversed the passive position in the passive opening 0-2, and realized the second match point opportunity to win the tie again with 7-6 (5), thereby successfully reversing the deletion. Garcia fired 27 Aces balls in the whole match, but was finally defeated by Zhang Shuai.

Zhang Shuai managed to avenge the loss to Garcia in the third round of Wimbledon this year, and also rewrite the record of both sides to 3 wins and 2 losses; this is also the 8th time Zhang Shuai has defeated a Top10 player in his career. After winning this game, Zhang Shuai won 100 points and a bonus of 20,505 US dollars, ranked 26th in real time. If he can win this game, he will break through the highest ranking in his career.

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