Zhang Shuai’s promotion to the semi-finals of Tokyo Station still lacks expectations and expects to exploit his potential and improve his level.

Original title: Zhang Shuai’s promotion to the semifinals of Tokyo Station still seems insufficient and expects to take advantage of potential and improve the level

Zhang Shuai competition data map

On 23 September, Chinese gold seed Zhang Shuai faced Croatian player Petra Matic in the WTA500 Tokyo Station Women’s Singles quarter-finals 2022. As a result, Zhang Shuai defeated his opponent 7-5, 6-2 in straight sets Advance to the semi-finals of women’s singles. After the match, she said she was very happy to be able to defeat her opponent, and at the same time, she also saw her room to improve throughout the match.

The two have faced each other twice before, and the Croatian had the last laugh. Zhang Shuai said that Matic is an athlete with a completely different playing style from his opponent Garcia in the 1/8 finals, “We played very fast in the last game, but Matic played a lot of changes, like slashes, cuts , straight lines , Then she gives small balls, topspin forehand, and from time to time serves, etc. In addition, she controls the ball very well, and many times she serves more than 180 kilometers.”

Zhang Shuai said that her opponent is an athlete who is very good at playing and scoring, but he is not very good at playing such a player, “I am very happy to win the match and see my progress, but through the game, I can still find many things that can be done. There is room and potential to improve,” Zhang Shuai emphasized that he will continue to work hard and strive to improve continuous

In the semi-finals, Zhang Shuai will face the winner between Muguruza and Samsonova. He said they were both very good players. “First of all, I hope there will be a great game today, and I wish them good luck!” Zhang Shuai finally said.

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