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Original title: Zhao Jiwei 9+11 series Liaoning attack Xu Jie limited plus and minus the lowest in the game

Beijing time on April 12th, in the semi-final G1, the Liaoning team, with its strong overall strength, established an early advantage and easily defeated the defending champion Guangdong team with a total score of 1-0. In the back-to-back competition, Zhao Jiwei used the pass to revitalize the Liaoning team’s offense; Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie of the Guangdong team played poorly.

Zhao Jiwei played 33 minutes and 37 seconds, scored 9 points, 4 rebounds, 11 assists and 1 steal on 3 of 10 shots. His plus-minus on the field reached +15. Zhao Jiwei’s outstanding performance is mainly reflected in that when he holds the ball, he can connect the team’s offense, whether it is a sudden point or a good pass from the basket. It can be seen from the game that Du Feng’s team’s defense is actually very targeted, mainly pinching Guo Ailun, which gives Zhao Jiwei more opportunities to play the ball. With 11 assists, the three local defenders of the Guangdong team did not have double-digit assists in total.

In the first half of the third quarter, Zhao Jiwei backed up against Xu Jie and hit a difficult turnaround jumper. Before the end of the second quarter, Zhao Jiwei’s 1 fast break and 1 steal allowed the Liaoning team to establish a 20+ advantage in the first half. This is the value of Zhao Jiwei to the Liaoning team.

Among the local defenders of the Guangdong team, only Zhao Rui’s performance is worthy of recognition. As the most aggressive defender under Du Feng, Zhao Rui also took on the important task of defending Guo Shao. Zhao Rui was very active tonight and completed the task assigned by Du Feng – Guo Shao only made 3 of 13 shots in this campaign. On the offensive end, Zhao Rui’s efficiency is also very high, with breakthroughs and three-pointers. Throughout the game, Zhao Rui had 15 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals.

Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie have bigger problems. Judging from the data, Hu Mingxuan’s 14 points and 3 assists are not bad, but in fact his efficiency is not high, and many points are in the second half of the final quarter. In the first three quarters, Hu Mingxuan’s offense lacked threats.

What about Xu Jie? Due to his limited height, he was targeted. In addition to being unable to link up with the Guangdong team to attack, he was also unable to guard against Zhao Jiwei on the defensive end. Du Feng gave Xu Jie enough time, but Xu Jie only hit 1 goal in his first 5 shots, and his plus-minus on the field was -20, the lowest in the game! As we all know, Xu Jie is characterized by an overall view and a cool head. When he is restricted, it has a great impact on the Guangdong team on the offensive end.

Whether the G2 Guangdong team can rebound, the performance of the local guard group will be crucial. (jim)Return to Sohu, see more


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