Zhao Lu Si Makes Her Stunning Debut at Milan Fashion Week with Versace

Zhao Lu Si: A Captivating Presence on the Runway

Renowned actress Zhao Lusi graced Milan Fashion Week after receiving an exclusive invitation from the prestigious luxury brand, Versace. This marked the star’s debut appearance at the highly anticipated fashion event.

With her innate charm and elegance, it is without a doubt that Zhao Lusi enamored audiences right from the very beginning. Milan, known as the fashion capital, bore witness to her mesmerizing presence as she effortlessly captivated onlookers.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. From September 19th to the 24th, Zhao Lusi will be participating in Milan Fashion Week, showcasing her impeccable style. Not only that, but she is set to embark on her upcoming journey as an ambassador for television and collaborate with WeTV Always Bigger 2024. Her presence in Thailand on September 27th will be a rare occurrence, so mark your calendars and ensure you don’t miss out on this exceptional event!

For more information regarding attendance and event details, kindly refer to the link below.

Zhao Lu Si Beautiful on every runway After flying to attend Fashion Week in Milan with Versace

On September 19, actress Zhao Lusi left to attend Milan Fashion Week, invited by the luxury brand Versace.

Attending Fashion Week in Milan This was Zhao Lusi’s first experience. But I guarantee you’ll be beautiful from day one. Milan is definitely broke.

Zhao Lushua will attend Milan Fashion Week from September 19-24, ahead of his next visit to Thailand as ambassador for television and work together WeTV Always Bigger 2024 This September 27, Zhao Lu Si does not come to Thailand often. Don’t miss this event! See details for attending the event in the link below.

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