Zheng Qinwen and the world’s No. 1 attacked and won the tiebreaker. Zheng Qinwen stopped the French Open quarter-finals due to injury, but he played strong – yqqlm

And the world’s No. 1 offense reversed and won the tiebreaker, Zheng Qinwen stopped the French Open quarter-finals due to injury, but played strongFly into the homes of ordinary people

Zheng Qinwen’s performance is amazing

Under the clear sky of Paris, another Chinese golden flower breaks through itself at Roland Garros. Last night, in the fourth round of the French Open women’s singles, Zheng Qinwen and the current world No. 1 Swatek fought fiercely for more than 2 hours. Although she lost 1-2 in the end and failed to go further, her performance in this tournament has already Bring enough surprises to fans. Is this early summer the beginning of success as a Chinese female Internet star?

big heart

Before the French Open, there was only one photo, nationality, age and record about Zheng Qinwen in the official information. Compared with other players, such a “configuration” was quite “rudimentary”, but the athlete’s reputation depended on playing every game. Come out, this trip to Paris, Zheng Qinwen not only let the fans and the organizing committee remember his name and fill in the missing information, but also showed the world one of his most powerful weapons – “big heart”.

Since the second round, Zheng Qinwen has shown good psychological quality. In the face of Halep, she lost the first set and was broken first in the second set. The little girl calmly recovered the points and finally won. Against the famous French player Kone, facing the enthusiastic host fans, Zheng Qinwen used one time The next strong return made the field quiet; against Swatek, she was broken again in the first serve game, and when the game was 2-5 behind, she played a small climax and dragged the game into the tiebreaker. Easy-going world No. 1 on offense and reversal to win the tiebreak Zheng Qinwen stopped the French Open quarterfinals due to an injury, but was strong in the quarterfinals. He scored 5 points in a row with a small score of 2-5 behind, and achieved a comeback, making the world No. 1 who has experienced many scenes some incredible. Perhaps in this past wave of winning streaks, Swatek has not encountered such strong resistance.

“I think the biggest improvement I have made this year is that my mind has calmed down. No matter what the situation is, I can’t mess up.” After advancing to the top 8, Zheng Qinwen specially mentioned the help of psychological construction. The good mentality of “nothing to lose and nothing to fear” helped her break out of Swatek’s cold sweat again.


Many people say that “a child who loves to laugh will not have bad luck”, and Zheng Qinwen, a fledgling, is the most typical example.

During this trip to Paris, the smiling face of the Chinese girl left a deep impression on many people. Even in the intense competition, Zheng Qinwen would smile from time to time, which not only cultivated her good competition temperament, but also allowed her to be popular on social media. The number of fans on the website shows a geometric growth. “My temperament is more optimistic and enthusiastic, and I hope this state can infect more people.” Even for her past “black history” and “funny moments”, Xiao Nizi is the one who laughs the most.

“I am very excited before every game, especially against the world’s No. 1.” Before the game, Zheng Qinwen said that he wanted to know the gap between himself and the top players through this game. Now, from the process to the result, it has been proved that the 19-year-old Chinese girl has the strength and has the potential to play her own part in the women’s tennis world. Her future has infinite possibilities. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Lu Weixin)

Editor: Huang Yongshun

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