Zhengmei anchor was surrounded by 4 men and raped when she reported on the World Cup! video exposure

World Cup Zhengmei anchor reported, he was surrounded by 4 men and sexually assaulted! Video exposure. (Translated from YT screen)

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar officially opened on the 20th of this month. In addition to fans from different countries arriving in Qatar one after another to “support” their beloved teams, media from many countries also went to Qatar to broadcast and report, serving the global audience. However, a hot girl anchor in South Korea was harassed by male fans from other countries when she was reporting on the opening of the World Cup, which made the audience break out into a cold sweat.

Lee Soo-na (transliteration), born Internet famous in South Korea, collaborated with KBS TV this time and became a special anchor to report on the World Cup. On the day of the opening ceremony on the 20th, Li Xiuna was reporting outside the main stadium, but during the filming, Li Xiuna was suddenly surrounded by 4 foreign male fans.

In the beginning, these 4 male fans surrounded Li Xiuna and started dancing and singing happily, and Li Xiuna was also swaying with the joyful atmosphere. But then one of the men with the national flag on his chest suddenly stretched out his hand, put it on Li Xiuzhen’s right shoulder, and put his body close to Li Xiuzhen to greet the camera. The camera screen also showed many times that the man’s hands are not “restless”.

Soon after, another man asked Li Xiuna to help him unveil the national flag in public, but Li Xiuna directly refused while broadcasting. Suspected of being annoyed by this, the man deliberately hit Li Xiuna violently with his body, which scared Li Xiuna for a while, and finally the man left the scene.

Li Xiuna refused to help the man hold the national flag and untie it.  (Translated from YT screen)

Li Xiuna refused to help the man hold the national flag and untie it. (Translated from YT screen)

Li Xiuna was then directly slammed by the man.  (Translated from YT screen)

Li Xiuna was then directly slammed by the man. (Translated from YT screen)

After Li Xiuna finished recording the report, she directly called the broadcast “not easy”. She said that she had come across many “various” situations on the spot, and it scared her a lot, and she was at a loss for a while. However, when the fans saw this scene, they felt sorry for Li Xiuna, and mocked the group of male fans, “Don’t talk about cultural differences, they are very substandard.” Some netizens said: “I think if this continues, something will happen.” , “You should hire a bodyguard.”

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