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(Combating New Coronary Pneumonia) Zhengzhou, Henan: Fluid control for 5 days without going out unless necessary

China News Service, Zhengzhou, November 23 (Kan Li, Han Zhangyun) Zhengzhou, Henan, which is still in the high and volatile stage of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, will maintain liquidity control for 5 days.

At the 35th press conference of “Prevention and Control of the Zhengzhou New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic” held on the evening of the 23rd, Shi Dadong, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, made the above report, saying that the main urban area of Zhengzhou City (eight districts in the city) since November From 0:00 on the 25th to 24:00 on the 29th of November, liquidity control will be done, and nucleic acid screening will be done once a day.” It will take 5 days to fight a war of epidemic prevention and control and destruction.”

As of November 22, there were 813 new positive cases in Zhengzhou, including 282 new cases in the community. As of 20:00 on the 23rd, 996 positive cases of primary screening have been detected.

Shi Dadong said that at present, there are still many new social cases in Zhengzhou every day, and the epidemic is distributed widely, which includes all counties and urban areas, showing continuous progress in the central urban area and an upward trend in peripheral areas. the epidemic situation is complex and constantly changing.

At the press conference, Shi Dadong read an open letter from the Zhengzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters to all citizens: For daily nucleic acid screening, residents in the jurisdiction are asked to follow the arrangements of their streets and communities, and under the premise of doing a good job of personal protection, carrying out the screening in different periods of time Participating in an organized manner, and continuing to collect homes for high risk areas and home quarantine personnel.

Shi Dadong said residents in high-risk areas must take strict action to “stay at home and provide door-to-door service”. Residential communities in the central urban area are under closed control. Citizens should stay at home in principle, and not leave the community unless necessary A negative test proving normal travel. People coming (returning) to Zhengzhou from outside the region need to report in advance, provide the itinerary honestly, check the health code, the itinerary code and the negative nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours, and they must adhere strictly to the epidemic prevention and control regulations upon arrival.

According to the report, staff involved in epidemic prevention and control, medical and health care, emergency rescue, material supply, office duty, quick takeaway, water, electricity, heating, etc. to ensure the basic functioning of the city and city ​​workers. enterprises included in the “white list” management, operating a temporary central residence. , centralized screening, closed loop management.

During the liquidity management period, temporary traffic control will be implemented, and special vehicles such as medical rescue, emergency rescue and disaster relief, and emergency response will be operated, as well as public transport, mass medical treatment, rental cars (online hunting). , and news media vehicles. Scan codes, measure temperature, wear masks and other prevention and control measures, and submit a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours.

The open letter promotes a simple life for residents, online shopping, and contactless delivery. Shi Dadong said that the “Six Regulations of Henan Province on Ensuring the Urgent Medical Needs of the Masses During the Epidemic Period” are strictly implemented, and medical institutions at all levels in Zhengzhou will not refute diagnosis for any reason or delay treatment critically. sick patients. The community will establish a contact mechanism and direct helpline with medical institutions, pharmacies, etc. to ensure residents’ needs for treatment and medication; provide high-quality convenient services for special groups such as obstetrics and childbirth, hemodialysis, tumor diagnosis and treatment, the elderly, and children, and vehicles will be organized by the community “Point-to-point” closed loop transfer.

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