Zhong Jiaxin is called Li Yanan “Angel”

Sing Tao Daily Photos

[Report from Sing Tao Daily]Zhong Jiaxin (Linda) returned to Hong Kong from Canada last month with Jared. After completing the quarantine, she frequently asked her friends in the circle to reminisce about the past. “Dad” Qin Pei in the drama meets.

The day before yesterday (29th), Linda finally got together with one of the good sisters of the former “virgin party”, Leanne, and the two mothers met as soon as they met. Linda wrote in English: “One-to-one quality Time, thank you Leanne. You will always be my angel” and my friend Chen Yinyu also commented: “I saw two Canadian angels.”

■Zhong Jiaxin (right) shows her sister Li Yanan.



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