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Zhong Yuan: The source of the epidemic in Nanjing may hide the big secret | Virus | Detection | Airport

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[Epoch Times July 23, 2021]On July 21, Nanjing City notified 17 new positive cases. According to the report, the staff of Nanjing Lukou International Airport conducted routine nucleic acid tests and found that 9 mixed samples were positive, all of which were airport cleaning staff. After re-sampling and testing, a total of 17 cases were found to be positive. The Nanjing epidemic broke out instantly.

The National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China quickly classified all Nanjing cases as local cases, and the Chinese Communist Party media did not condemn the trend of imported cases from abroad. However, the mystery of the source of the epidemic may hide a big secret.

The CCP quickly admitted that the airport epidemic is a local case

The epidemic occurred at Nanjing Lukou International Airport. The Chinese Communist Party media rarely gave up the opportunity to blame overseas and immediately admitted that it was a local case, which seems not to be much like the usual style of the Chinese Communist Party. However, if you try to figure it out carefully, it should be the CCP’s attempt to direct the source of the epidemic to Nanjing instead of the airport. If we focus on the airport, wouldn’t the large numbers of passengers traveling from and to the airport in the past have to be tracked?

According to the website of Nanjing Lukou International Airport, the airport is positioned as an “important hub for the world-class airport cluster in the Yangtze River Delta”, with routes connecting 78 major domestic cities and 35 international and regional destinations. In 2017, it handled 25.8 million passengers. If the CCP directs the epidemic to the airport, it is tantamount to worrying about it. It will have to track how many passing passengers in how many regions, or even go abroad.

The Nanjing Municipal Health Commission notified the new cases from 8:00 to 19:00 on July 21, including 2 confirmed cases and 6 local asymptomatic infections, and announced their trajectories.

Among them, the confirmed case is 8, female, 34 years old, currently living in Huandunshan, Lukou Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing, and working in the cabin cleaning of passenger planes at Lukou Airport.

This confirmed case contacted the cabin of a passenger plane, and obviously passengers and flight attendants on the plane are at risk. However, the bulletin almost skipped this key detail and described the patient’s trajectory in Nanjing from July 10 to July 20 in a large paragraph of text.

Another confirmed case 9, female, 46 years old, currently lives in Cao Village, Tongshan Community, Lukou Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, and is engaged in cabin cleaning at Lukou Airport.

The patient contacted the cabin of the plane, but the notification continued to be ignored, still describing the patient’s trajectory in Nanjing from July 10 to July 20. Another asymptomatic infected person3 is also engaged in cabin cleaning at Lukou Airport.

It is of course necessary to announce the patient’s trajectory in Nanjing in order to trace close contacts, but the aircraft they cleaned should be at the greatest risk. During the cleaning process, they inevitably touched a large number of seats and appliances and equipment on the plane. However, both the notifications from Nanjing City and the reports from the Chinese Communist Party media are concentrated on the isolation and testing of relevant areas in Nanjing. There is no mention of whether passengers on these planes should be tracked. According to the regulations, at least the passing passengers of the past 14 days should be tracked one by one, especially the passengers who have been cleaned by patients. If this key link is neglected, it is almost impossible to avoid the spread of the epidemic to various places, including overseas.

Among the other asymptomatic infections announced in the notification, 2 were engaged in cleaning work at Lukou Airport; 3 were engaged in ground service work at Lukou Airport. Among the currently announced cases, at least 3 people have directly touched the interior of the aircraft on a large area, and at least 2 people have touched the airport lobby on a large area. Passengers who have passed through the airport in the past 14 days are at risk.

However, the CCP’s report seems to have deliberately avoided the airport, a highly risky route of infection, and only focused on the epidemic in Nanjing. In fact, it should deliberately avoid the risk of the airport. It is estimated that the CCP’s move was to divert attention and fear that it would trigger a wider panic. Just after the party celebration, the CCP’s senior officials may not be able to bear such a big movement.

The mystery of the source of the epidemic

Although Nanjing City announced the cases, the source of the epidemic has not yet been found. Theoretically, the source of the epidemic should be two types. One is that an epidemic has already occurred in Nanjing City, and it was spread to the airport by people working at the airport, causing aircraft cleaners, airport cleaners, and ground service personnel to infect one after another. Another possible source is that passengers flying to Nanjing from other areas carried the virus, stayed on the plane or in the airport lobby, and infected the plane cleaners or airport cleaners.

If it is the second case, it indicates that there are actual epidemics in other parts of mainland China, but they have been covered up. The infected or virus carriers took the virus to Nanjing Airport by plane. This should also be the source of the epidemic that the CCP is trying to cover up. If this is the case, the CCP’s propaganda of controlling the epidemic will not be justified. At present, the CCP only recognizes the Yunnan epidemic. The previous Guangdong epidemic has been cleared. Now the CCP has directly recognized the local epidemic in Nanjing to cover up possible epidemics in more areas.

At present, Nanjing publicly declares that in Jiangning District, the city’s largest and most populous district, nucleic acid screening of about 2.4 million people will be completed in the shortest time, and the city will be closed in disguise, public transportation will be suspended, and only entry and exit will be restricted. In the official notification, the information about the airport is quite limited. It only mentioned that a total of 116,500 people in Lukou Street, Lukou International Airport, and Lishui District were sampled. The airport also organized nucleic acid tests for all employees, and all employees wore isolation suits. , Only part of the convenience stores in the terminal building remain open, but there is no mention of passenger tracking.

On July 21, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee’s Leading Group for the Response to the Epidemic Convened a meeting, saying that “the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia at Nanjing Lukou Airport has sounded a wake-up call for us” and demanded “full and in-depth traceability work to find out the virus Source, find out the route of transmission, find out the people involved, quickly cut off the chain of transmission, and block the path of transmission in time.” However, no one has dared to mention the passing passengers at the airport.

The information disclosed at the airport is intriguing

Checking the Nanjing Lukou Airport website, the latest information only emphasizes isolation control, flow traceability, nucleic acid testing, and increasing the frequency of daily disinfection of items in close contact with passengers. It also builds a concentrated residential area for front-line staff, and front-line staff should not be able to go home. NS. The airport also avoided the traceability and tracking of past passengers.

Recent information from the airport website also shows that as of May 12, the airport group’s vaccination rate reached 90.87%, and said that it has been strictly implementing protective measures for front-line employees and strengthening nucleic acid testing of key personnel to ensure zero infection. On July 5, Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Han Liming also came to Nanjing Airport to conduct a special investigation on the prevention and control of foreign-related epidemics, saying that “the current situation of overseas epidemics is still severe, and the main risk is still external input.”

15 days later, the airport broke out of the epidemic, but no longer mentioned “external input”, but directly recognized the local epidemic in Nanjing. The strangeness here is obvious. No one dares to pull the source of the epidemic on passengers, otherwise the impact will be too great. .

Whether it was Nanjing citizens who brought the epidemic to the airport, or passengers who brought the virus to the airport and then into Nanjing, there is currently no convincing evidence. In any case, Nanjing City needs to shoulder the responsibility of the local epidemic. As for whether it has to find the source in Nanjing City, it depends on whether it is necessary politically.

The epidemic in Nanjing should have once again exposed the effectiveness of the CCP’s nucleic acid testing and the effectiveness of domestic vaccines. The CCP should not be able to take care of this much at present. Even a large number of passengers at the airport can give up tracking, and the loopholes in the CCP’s epidemic prevention story are getting bigger and bigger.

Nanjing suddenly took the initiative to admit that behind the outbreak of the local epidemic, it is likely to try to cover up the secrets of the greater epidemic in mainland China. People in many areas are facing the risk of flooding, and now they have to pay more attention to the risk of the epidemic.

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