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Zhonghong EPS 0.48 yuan in May, earning 2.06 yuan per share in May | Anue

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Steel plant Zhonghong (2014-TW) announced today (29) that its self-accounted profit and loss for May was 688 million yuan, a month-on-month increase of 19.8%, and a net profit per share of 0.48 yuan; the cumulative net profit after tax for the first five months was 2.962 billion yuan, and a net profit per share was 2.06 yuan.

With the expansion of market price increase in May, Zhonghong not only increased its revenue, but also led to the expansion of interest margins, resulting in significant profit growth. Zhonghong’s May revenue was 4.551 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 13.5% and an annual increase of 94.8%; Revenue in May was 19.393 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.5%.

The stock price of Zhonghong continued to rise in June, and it is also better than the increase in cost. It is expected that its operation may increase more than that in May. In July, the domestic sales of hot-rolled and cold-rolled will be flat, which may affect the growth of revenue and profit. Amplitude.

Zhonghong’s July hot-rolled and cold-rolled products, flat plates, and galvanized only, will be increased by 600 yuan per metric ton. For export sales from July to September, the price will be increased by 0-40 US dollars per metric ton depending on the product and location. The actual quotation Depends on local market conditions.

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