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Zhongnan Construction Chen Yuhan: This year’s parent net profit target is 9 billion yuan

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Original title: Annual report site|Chen Yuhan of Zhongnan Construction: Net profit target of 9 billion yuan this year

“forZhongnan ConstructionIn other words, the’puberty’ has passed, the high-growth stage has passed, and the future,Zhongnan ConstructionMore attention will be paid to the balance between growth rate and operating quality, and the company’s system and layout arrangements will be deployed around payment collection and carry-over profits. “Today (April 27),Zhongnan ConstructionDirector and General Manager Chen Yuhan in Zhongnan ConstructionPerformanceIt was stated at the meeting that after completing the 7 billion yuan return to the mother last yearNet profitOn the basis of the target, in 2021, the company will strive to achieve a net profit of 9 billion yuan attributable to the parent.

  “The long-term scale goal is to achieve 500 billion yuan”

In terms of profit performance, according to the 2020 annual report released by Zhongnan Construction yesterday, for the whole year of 2020, Zhongnan Construction will achieve both revenue and profit growth.Operating income78.60 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.4%; to be attributable to listed companiesshareholderThe net profit (ie “net profit attributable to the parent”) was 7.08 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 70.0%.

Regarding the above increase in net profit from the parent company, Chen Yuhan said, “In 2020, Zhongnan Construction will focus on improving profitability and complete the target of the parent company’s net profit of 7 billion yuan, which is mainly due to precision investment, cost reduction, and introduction of talents. The implementation of the measures, and in 2021, strive to achieve the 9 billion yuan net profit target.”

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As for the sales scale, Zhongnan Construction put forward a target of 500 billion yuan for the first time at this press conference. Chen Yuhan said, “Zhongnan Construction’s bottom-line growth rate is (annual) 10%, and the long-term goal of the future is to achieve 500 billion yuan.”

To this end, Zhongnan Construction has adjusted its talent strategy, including talent introduction and talent incentive measures. It is understood that Zhongnan Construction is merging regions and implementing the strategy of “Great War Zone” to further expand authorization and stimulate vitality.

  “Achieve the’three red lines’ turning green at the latest next year”

It is worth mentioning that under the new “three red lines” financing regulations, Zhongnan Construction has further reduced its leverage.

The annual report shows that in 2020, the total debt ratio of Zhongnan Construction Company is 86.54%, a decrease of 4.23 percentage points from the end of 2019; the company’s net debt ratio in 2020 will drop to 97.27%, a year-on-year decrease of approximately 71.12 percentage points; short-term cash debts after deducting restricted funds Compared with 1.04, in accordance with the new “three red lines” regulations, Zhongnan Construction has been reduced to a “yellow file” enterprise.

“Zhongnan Construction is a non-debt-driven company. We will continue to control debt and strive to achieve the’three red lines’ turn green at the latest next year.” Chen Yuhan said.

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