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Original title: Zhongwei Huang!Milan midfielder Tomori to miss January after surgery on medial meniscus in left knee

The latest news from “Sky Sports”, AC Milan’s England defender Tomori injured the medial meniscus of his left knee, and the player will undergo arthroscopic surgery on the afternoon of January 14, local time. After Tomori’s surgery is completed, Milan will announce the relevant information of the player’s injury. According to Italian media, Tomori will be out for a month.

It is reported that Tomori was injured in the first half of the Coppa Italia game against Genoa. At that time, Tomori was unable to continue the game without any physical confrontation. The player sat on the ground and was replaced by Florenzi. Down. In this game, although Milan eliminated their opponents 3-1 in overtime, they paid the price of losing their soldiers.

Milan’s other central defender, Kjaer, has been out for the season, and now Tomori will be out for another month. This is really a central defender shortage for Milan. If Milan wants to continue to maintain the competitiveness of the league title this season, then the team must introduce a new central defender in the winter window.

From a personal point of view, Milan is too anxious for Tomori to come back. The players return from injury and need to gradually increase their physical activity. It is better to come off the bench first. Now that Milan has injured Tomori, it is difficult to compete for the Serie A championship. Keeping the top four is victory.Return to Sohu, see more


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