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[Epoch Times December 30, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Ning Haizhong reported) Zhou Xiaozheng, a retired associate professor in the Department of Sociology of Renmin University of China, who lives in the United States, received a call from the school on December 28 and was told that he had been formally expelled. The reason is currently unknown.

On the morning of the 28th Eastern Time, Zhou Xiao, who was living in the United States, was at his home in Virginia. He received a call from China. A young female teacher informed him on behalf of the school that he had been expelled from Renmin University and decided to start in December. Effective from the 17th.

Zhou Xiaozheng, born in 1947, graduated from Beijing Fourth Middle School in 1966 and was sent to the Great Northern Wilderness to “go up to the mountains and go to the countryside” during the Cultural Revolution. In 1977, he was admitted to the Department of Physics of Capital Normal University and became the first batch of college students in China after the resumption of the college entrance examination. He started teaching in the Department of Sociology at Renmin University of China in 1988 for 33 years. After retiring, he moved to the United States in 2017.

In the call informing Zhou Xiaozheng to expel Zhou Xiaozheng, the school did not mention pension and retirement benefits.

Zhou Xiaozheng told The Epoch Times reporter on December 30 that after receiving the phone call from the school, there was no more news. He is negotiating and requires a written notice. The school has not contacted him yet. He said that the old pension funds were transferred from the school to an account in Beijing, “ICBC or Bank of China, I didn’t read it.” He said he didn’t know the future pension, and he won’t check it until next month.

The Epoch Times reporter called the News Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Renmin University to find out about Zhou Xiaozheng’s dismissal by telephone, and concerned whether his retirement benefits were affected. A woman who answered the phone hesitated for about a minute, and then she could not tell the matter.

The reason for Zhou Xiaozheng’s expulsion is currently unknown. When he was in Mainland China, he often boldly expressed his views on social issues such as population issues and the gap between the rich and the poor. His current political narratives and lecture videos are very popular, and he is known as the “famous mouth of the capital”. After moving to the United States in 2017, Zhou Xiaozheng started self-media, collaborated with many bloggers on current commentary programs, and accepted many media interviews. His remarks sometimes involve the Chinese Communist system and those in power.

In the past few years, the suppression of Zhou Xiaozheng has occurred from time to time.

As early as 2016, an article “What is “Zhou Xiaozheng Phenomenon” appeared in the mainland media”, naming several scholars in the CCP system including Zhou Xiaozheng, calling them the so-called “food of the system,” Smash the pot of the system.”

In response to this matter, Zhou Xiaozheng told the Epoch Times reporter, “I am completely my own labor. For example, I was 19 to 29 years old. I was farming in the Corps for more than 30 yuan a month. I was deprived of a lot of wages. For surplus value, I teach at the National People’s Congress and my salary is very low. What is meant by eating party food? I didn’t eat a penny of party food, and I didn’t smash it.”

He said that what he said was all formal words. For example, he now turned to the left in an all-round way, “How come I hit the party’s pot, you smashed the party’s pot, why are you turning to the left?” Ziyang’s top leaders of those years did not dare to mention that it was “smashing the party’s pot.”

The so-called “eating the party’s food and breaking the party’s pot” is a statement made by people in the CCP who criticize not being consistent with the party.

During his stay in China, Zhou Xiaozheng’s WeChat account was blocked at least twice, and some lecture videos were removed from the shelves. In the past few months, some netizens have said that the word “Zhou Xiaozheng” has been blocked in the Great Firewall.

The Epoch Times reporter searched for Zhou Xiaozheng on Baidu and found no information related to “Zhou Xiaozheng”.

Baidu searched with Zhou Xiaozheng, and it showed that I was sorry that no information related to “Zhou Xiaozheng” was found. (webpage Screenshot)

Zhou Xiaozheng is not clear about why he was expelled by the authorities at this time, and he should ask the authorities.

Zhou Xiaozheng told reporters from The Epoch Times that speaking is his right and dignity.

On July 1, 2021, the Communist Party of China held a meeting in Tiananmen Square to celebrate the so-called centennial of its party.

Zhou Xiaozheng stated in Radio Free Asia’s program about the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP that the CCP used a lie to cover the previous lie. From its establishment to seizure of power, to create the legitimacy of the political power, it has been fabricating a “great light and righteous” history for himself. But it has not been rounded up, and it has been edited down continuously.

He also said that the CCP’s roots in Chinese society cannot be viewed from the perspective of success or failure.

Zhou Xiaozheng pointed out that the perverse actions of the Chinese Communist Party in China over the years have caused the people to suffer too much. However, for the majority of the Chinese people to wake up, the key is to rely on education.

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