Zico confirms himself, ready to cling to big names, join the army of Hong Anh Yalai.


“Zico” Kiatisak Sena, the new head coach of Hoang Anh Yalai in Vietnam’s V-League, will have a big-name Thai footballer to play in the Nguyen Football League. Let the famous team of Yalai City, of course, will be how many people have to wait and see the policy of the team management board first. Who are ready to spend wages to not be inferior to being a footballer in the Thai League for sure At the moment, in the Hong An Yalai team, there are 12 players from the Vietnamese national team, along with a team of 4 staff coaching staff who work with Park Sang Ho, who will use a good Thai coach to work as a trusted coach. One person is expected to be a “egg”, a privileged player with an experienced player. The travel schedule will be next month for sure.

From the case of the hilarious news that the former player and the Thai national team coach, who brought many successes both as a player and a manager to Thailand like “Zico” Kiatisak Sena when will go to take a job as a head coach for his own team. He had been both a footballer and a manager at Hoang Anh Yalai in Vietnam’s V-League, where the people of Yalai City, including the Vietnamese. Honoring the somersault of Thailand, this is the god of the city of Ya Lai already

Recently, “Zico” Kiatisak Senamuang revealed that he traveled to work in Vietnam again as a coach. “Of course, I am Thai, if I have the opportunity to work abroad, especially in neighboring leagues, I have to support Thai players who are all younger players to have the opportunity to compete with Hoang Anh Yalai as well. Of course, how many people will have to wait and see the policy of the board of directors. Again, of course Must be a professional football player with a degree With regard to the wages that will be received, I can say that Thai players who are going to play in the V-League are definitely not inferior to playing in the Thai League, and possibly even more. Currently, in Hoang Anh Yalai, there are 12 Vietnamese nationals in the squad prepared to play in the V-League in the 2021 season to come in 2021.

In addition, of course, I will bring a skilled Thai coach to work with 1 person, currently considering who is suitable because in the Hoang Anh Yalai team, there are already 4 staff coaching teams, all of which People have worked with the Vietnamese national team coach Park Sang Ho, and all of them are people I am close to because they are Hoang Anh’s old son. Ya Lai, who used to play with me when I was playing with Hong Anh Yalai. ”

For those who are expected to be selected to work with “Zico” for Hon Anh Yalai, it is analyzed that Probably there is a possibility that it is “Khai” Abhisit Khai Kaew, a former player of the Thai Port Authority, FC Degree, who has played football, futsal Who had been a team to wade through the World Championships in Guatemala in 2000, including beach soccer, has been to the World Championships, and also used to compete with Binh Dinh in Vietnam’s V-League team. He also has a lot of friends in Vietnam and also has an academy business in Vietnam with his former fellow players in Vietnam. Is with the name S&A by the current Abhisit Khai Kaew has a degree of coach A Line Sense

In the past, Abhisit Khaikaew worked with “Zico” with many Thai clubs. And a team of staff coaching the Thai national team in the era of “Zico” as a general.

For the Hoang Anh Yalai won the Vietnamese V-League for two times in the 2003,2004 season by the time “Zico” had joined the army and “Zico” was a coach. Used to lead the team to a runner-up soccer cup Which just ended the season where the team used the services of Lee Tae Hoon, a South Korean as the coach, the team finished in 8th place, with Hong An used to have 5 Thai players to join the army, including “Zico”, Dusit Chalerm Saen, Than Chathawan Sripan, Choktawee Phromrat, Sakda Jermdee, looking at the success of the last V-League title in 2004, is equal to Ho Anh Ya Lai, who has been away from Vietnam’s top league title. Up to 16 full years ever

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