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ILLINOIS – Chronic chronic disease, sometimes known as Zombie deer disease, was found in Illinois and 23 other states. Do you eat nuts?

"Zombie deer disease," has a fatal infection that loses weight loss and significant co-ordination and aggression, spreading across North America, a government report warning. It was reported that the deer, elk and moose, as it was officially known, was officially known as the DO States and 23 other states of the United States, as well as two provinces in Canada, in January 2019.

The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who issued the warning, said that there is no evidence of harm to people if they eat meat from infected wildlife. The state states that report a chronic disease disease up to two years this year, said the agency.

The Illinois counties involved are:

  1. Boone
  2. Carroll
  3. Dekalb
  4. DuPage
  5. Grundy
  6. Jo Daviess
  7. Kane
  8. Kankakee
  9. Kendall
  10. Loch
  11. LaSalle
  12. Livingston
  13. McHenry
  14. Ogle
  15. Stephenson
  16. Will
  17. Winnebago

The disease was nicknamed – "zombie deer disease" – due to the terrible effects on the animals it flies. Sometimes the sick animals take the empty stare associated with "zombies" and thus show that their rib cages are visible.

Initially, chronic disease disease was detected in captive deer and other members of the Cervidae cervidae family in the late 1960's in Colorado and wildlife deer in 1981, and is spreading to the Central West, the South West and to a more limited level , to the East Coast.

However, it is possible that other states that have no strong animal surveillance systems may have a chronic disease disease, but have not yet been detected, the CDC said.

While the CDC has stopped without warning people who do not eat nuts from infected animals, there is some evidence that it can not be a good idea. A particular study from the agency found that a laboratory mice with some human genes could be infected with a chronic disease disease.

In another study, macaques, a monkey that are more generously acute to humans than other animals infected with the disease, have become meat after eating meat from infected food. Of the five monkeys that were fed infected by white ring deer, a chronic disease disease was tested, according to The Tyee, a Canadian newsletter. The Associated Press said it was the first time that the disease was found to spread in main beings by taking infected meat.

At this time, the CDC recommends that a test of the game was found that hunters in the areas of chronic disease. In addition, the agency advised councilors against shooting or handling meat from deer or debt that looks or acts in stories, but added that the safe behavior of the animal can not be investigated if it is infected , because it can take the symptoms Reveal.

Chronic disease disease is constantly spreading. The CDC stated that infected rates could be more than 10 percent in some areas of disease, but local infected rates may be up to 25 percent.

Sheep deer seems to have higher infection rates. In one pump test, almost four in five, or 79 percent, were infected according to the report.

When the disease is based, it is almost impossible to eradicate it.

"The risk may remain a long time in the environment," said the CDC. "The affected areas will probably continue to expand."

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