Zoom up to 8x… YouTube with new features


Zoom up to 8x… YouTube with new features

YouTube has implemented some premium-limited features through updates for all users. You can experience the ambient mode, which improves the immersion in the video, and the pinch to zoom function, which allows you to zoom in while playing the video, with simple settings.

In Ambient Mode, the backlight changes according to the video content. Since it is a function that becomes effective in the dark mode, you can enjoy the realism with the lighting effect even if you don’t use it in full screen. The video is thinly recorded in the background of the title of the video with Before After, increasing the sense of presence compared to the past.

video"><video controls="" src="https://storage.googleapis.com/gweb-uniblog-publish-prod/original_videos/YT_watch_page_before_after_video_Z8MmUFT.mp4"/>

The pinch-to-zoom function can be used without installation. When you want to check fine details or great playback, you can zoom in from the default 1x to up to 8x while playing the video. In full screen mode, touch and hold the video with two fingers and widen the gap between them. Of course, it is possible to reduce the size by the reverse operation. Relevant information can be found here.

video"><video controls="" src="https://storage.googleapis.com/gweb-uniblog-publish-prod/original_videos/VIDEO_Free_Zoom.mp4"/>

Reporter Lee Seok-won

After going through the monthly magazine periods AhaPC and HowPC, we have been watching the ‘tech period’ in online IT media such as GDNet, E-Newspaper Internet Manager, Consumer Journal Eternal Editor, Tech Holic Publisher, and Venture Square Editor-in-Chief. I am curious about this market which is still changing with vitality.

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