Zubaidah, who looked after Chucky’s children; For the exhibition ‘My Own Sreedharan’

ASreedharan’s own film directed by Siddique Paravoor starring writer Shihabuddin Poithumkadav and Nilambur Ayesha in lead roles is about to release. This is a film directed by Siddique Paravoor after ‘Tahira’, which was selected for the Indian Panorama category at the International Film Festival held in Goa in 2020.

“Enn Upana Sreedharan” is the life story of Subaida and her husband Aziz Haji, who took their three orphaned children into their house when their friend, Chucky, their neighbor died and raised them as their own.

Suresh Nellikode, Sachin Roy, Nirmala Kannan, Vaibhav Amarnath, Harsha Arun, Dr. Shali Ashok, Rajitha Santhosh, Arya and Abdul Latif play the other main characters.

Fazalul Haq has worked as Associate Director and Zubair Pang as Art Director. Subi Kodungallur, Rahul RT P, Mirsha Sam, Shiju Alex, Hassan Vandoor, Santosh Alencheri, Nisha Namboothiri, Ihlas Rahman and Rashi Lucy are the other cast members.

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