Home News A nurse at Samut Sakhon Hospital is sick with covids. Mother and granddaughter are infected. The hospital director reveals that 200 medical personnel are addicted to it.

A nurse at Samut Sakhon Hospital is sick with covids. Mother and granddaughter are infected. The hospital director reveals that 200 medical personnel are addicted to it.

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mourning angel in white dress A nurse at Samut Sakhon Hospital dies of Covid after the first synovac injection. The mother and nephew are also infected. The hospital director reveals that 200 medical personnel have been infected.

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from the case of posting and sharing condolence messages And mourning the loss of medical personnel at Samut Sakhon Hospital in many social media after having nurses at Samut Sakhon Hospital Died from COVID-19 infection.

Regarding such cases, on August 2, 2021, Dr. Anukul Thaitanand, director of Samut Sakhon Hospital Mentioned this loss that Ms. Uraiwan, a professional nurse position (Nursing), skill level, was born on August 19, 1975, aged 45 years, 11 months, will be born in the next few days. Ms. Uraiwan was on duty at the Male Internal Medicine Building 1, for the first time on June 1, 1998 at Samut Sakhon Hospital.

and perform duties at Samut Sakhon Hospital continuously The younger sister began to have symptoms on July 25, 2021 with fever, cough, sore throat, so he was tested at Samut Sakhon Hospital. Received a positive result (infected) on July 26, 2021, then came to the hospital since July 27, 2021, which the younger brother came to receive treatment for 1 day late.

because they have to take care of their mothers and grandchildren later found to be infected with it and is currently resting at Samut Sakhon Hospital When receiving treatment, Nong Uraiwan became more tired. need oxygen before entering the ICU Until Friday, July 30, 2021, he was sent to Rajavithi Hospital. and died peacefully at 21.00 on August 1, 2021

Dr. Anukul also said that for the part of Ms. Uraiwan The deceased nurse He received his first dose of Sinovac vaccination on July 20, 2021, less than a week before the infection was detected, so he still has no immunity. As for the cause that has just been vaccinated, it may be in the early stages. She should be afraid of the side effects of being overweight. So I didn’t dare to inject in the first round.

As the situation worsened, he decided to vaccinate. Which when the younger brother has been vaccinated, the symptoms are normal until the covid-19 is detected and eventually died. For this Miss Uraiwan It is the first medical personnel to apply for Samut Sakhon Hospital to die from Covid-19 infection.

“During this period, we have more than 200 medical personnel at Samut Sakhon Hospital starting from June 15, 2021 to present, most of them have no severe symptoms, have pneumonia, 4-5 people, but Urai. Wan with the most severe symptoms

We have to thank Uraiwan and family. that builds strong personnel which Nong Uraiwan is a person who has a very hospitable personality, smiles and smiles at anyone, working hard, all colleagues love Think what the youngsters do for us It will be something we will always remember. Thank you on behalf of the people of Samut Sakhon,” said Dr. Anukul.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kitima Limprasert, Deputy Director of Nursing, said that Nong Uraiwan is a role model personnel with great determination to perform her duties, good-natured and smiling. is loved by everyone which the death of the younger Even if it makes everyone sad But it doesn’t make everyone succumb to the disease. What is more, it is a problem to work. The more we have to fight through it. No matter how hard and cold Because today, if we are discouraged, we will not be able to overcome this covid-19 disease.

As for the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in Samut Sakhon province, from the Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office’s report at 00:00 on August 1, 2021, another 1,252 new cases were found. Of the 330 cases, there were 330 cases of proactive search, and another 922 cases were reported from hospital visits.

Of these, 733 were residents of Samut Sakhon and the remaining 189 were outside the province. A total of 50,906 infected people, 30,911 recovered and returned home, 19,855 are undergoing treatment and 8 new deaths. The total number of deaths is 140.

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