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Rumors again! Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 supports S Pen and uses UTG glass, released June next year.


After we heard the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 that will be launched in June 2021, another leak has recently been released, @UniverseIce has confirmed this as well. With various specifications

Twitter @UniverseIce states that the Galaxy Z Fold3 will come with new innovations. Technology Such as the front camera under the screen, S Pen pen and ultra thin glass 2nd generation.

In addition, the reason that the Galaxy Z Fold3 does not use a pop-up front camera is due to the durability that may not be enough.

Source: GSMArena

Broker recommends to support RS, Q4 profit, New Hi to accept retail business – sell content rights to grow.


Broker recommends to support RS, Q4 profit, New Hi to accept retail business – sell content rights to grow • Online business news

Actress’ case: Special prosecutor A. Suresan resigns Actress attack case | Malayalam News


Kochi: As per the quotation, the Special Prosecutor in the case of abducting the actress and filming defamatory scenes has resigned. Suresh. He wrote a letter to the Home Department in this regard. Presented to the Chief Secretary. A. Suresh handed over the vacant post of Special Prosecutor to the trial court yesterday.

The government and the actress had filed a petition in the high court seeking a change of court, alleging that the court was biased in the case and had unreasonably criticized the Special Prosecutor and the investigating agency. This was rejected by the High Court. The court also rejected the government’s request to extend the stay of the trial by one week to appeal against the verdict. Meanwhile, the Special Prosecutor resigned. The government may take appropriate action on the resignation of the Special Prosecutor during the trial of the case.

There is no legal impediment to appointing a new Special Prosecutor to proceed with the trial. The court will be informed of the government’s decision on the 26th. The trial court did not consider the petition filed by the eighth accused, Dileep, alleging that he had influenced the witnesses, to cancel his bail and to amend the chargesheet. The trial court directed the investigating officer to inform him of the alternative steps to be taken to continue the trial.

Pradeep Kottathala’s bail plea rejected

Kasargod: The court rejected the anticipatory bail application of KB Ganeshkumar MLA’s office secretary on a complaint that he had threatened an apologist in the case of attacking the actress. Kasargod District Sessions Court has rejected the bail plea of ​​Pradeep Kottathala.

The case alleges that the apologist was threatened with death if he did not testify in favor of Dileep. The court ruled that the investigation was in its infancy and that bail could not be granted in the event that the accused was remanded in police custody for questioning.


“Blinken” that the new foreign minister of the United States – Yellen Khun Klang Ying


US Bloomberg News Agency Reported on Monday (23 Nov) that Mr. Joe Biden that the new president of the United States. Prepared to announce the nomination of Mr. Anthony Blinken, former Deputy Secretary of State. And a former assistant national security advisor In the government of former President Barack Obama to serve New US Secretary of State It will be officially announced later this week.

If the report is true It means the position of the new “Diplomatic Officer No. 1” of the United States. Will be back in control Of diplomatic career once again By Blingen, 58, comes from a family of diplomats. His father was the United States Ambassador to France. And Sun is the US Ambassador to Belgium. While the blingken itself Used to work abroad for the US government Continued since the year 2537 until it has a prominent role In the position of Assistant National Security Advisor In the government of President Barack Obama, Biden served both vice presidents and the position of Deputy Secretary of State. Before the end of Obama and Biden’s tenure

Although the appointment of Blinken Still have to go through the qualification process And approved by the Senate But it has been analyzed that It was an initial signal from Biden that the future US foreign policy. Under the direction of Democrats It will be a return to a multilateral stage based on “subtle hawkness” and China will continue to be the primary focus.

Blinken told the media last September that the US foreign policy In the era of Republican President Donald Trump Weakening the state of the United States So in the future The United States must reclaim its strength.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Biden had nominated former Federal Reserve chairman Janet Yellen as the new finance minister. It will be the first female US Treasury Secretary by Mrs. Yellen, an academic with expertise in labor economics. Appointed as First Female Fed Chair by Democratic President Barack Obama And is in this position from 2014-2018, focusing on solving the unemployment problem. But she raised her loan rates as the U.S. economy recovered from the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

In August, Mrs. Yellen also made a joint economic statement with Biden. During his announcement he was a Democrat for the presidency.

Meanwhile, Mr. John Kerry (John Kerry), former Secretary of State in the government of the former President Obama. It is expected to be appointed to the position of Special Representative of the President in Climate Affairs. Carrie is one of many appointed to the top positions by Biden’s power transfer team. On the past monday

Other important positions include Evryil Haines as Director of National Intelligence. Which will be the first woman to take the position

Don’t forget Lee Hang-beom, the first to dream of’the second Song Gyo-chang’


KBL’s first high school graduate, No. 1 rookie Cha Min-seok is attempting a shot in a tryout ahead of the draft on the 23rd (Jamsil = KBL).

First, he left his name in the history of Korean professional basketball (KBL). It is the record of being the first high school graduate to be nominated for the first rookie draft.

However, it is important what kind of player will be inscribed in history. Only the record of being the first rookie of high school graduates remains, and may disappear without a trace. This is Minseok Cha (19·200cm) who was nominated by Samsung in Seoul.

Cha Min-suk was nominated as first overall by Samsung manager Lee Sang-min in the 2020 KBL Korean Rookie Draft held at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 23rd. The first of the 48 participants was called.

He is the first nominated high school graduate in the history of professional basketball launched in 1997. Cha Min-seok, who is expected to graduate from Jemulpo High School, surpassed the top 3 rankings of Song Gyo-chang (Jeonju KCC) in 2015 and Su-Jin Su-jin (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis) in 2018, which were the highest rankings for high school graduates.

Even at a height of 2m, fast movement is considered an advantage. Samsung manager Lee Sang-min said, “I chose a player with great height, speed, and athleticism,” after the nomination of Cha Min-seok.

Cha Min-suk recorded an average of 26.2 points, 12.8 rebounds, 4.5 aids, and 2.3 block shots in 24 games in five competitions last year when he was a second year in high school. There weren’t many three-point shots at 0.3 per game. He was mainly in power forward or center position.

Jeonju KCC Song Kyo-chang, one of the best success stories of KBL high school athletes. (Photo = KBL)

However, the 2m height in KBL is not big. The center position is difficult as foreign players with good elasticity play. Need to change.

Cha Min-seok also knows this. In an interview after the rookie draft, Cha Min-seok said, “I saw 4 times (power forward) and 5 times (center) in the first and second grades of high school, but in the third year, I tried to change to 3 times (small forward) and 4 times.”

To do this, I had to put on an outside shot, but I emphasized that I put a lot of effort. Cha Min-seok said, “When I was in high school, there was no competition due to Corona 19, so I would have judged only by looking at the video in the second year of high school,” he said. “But it has changed a lot, and I wanted to show that the short shot was not me.” He also said, “I trained all of the moving shots, jump shots, and 3-point shots.”

Song Gyo-chang is the success case of a high school graduate who preceded Cha Min-seok. Song Gyo-chang made a strong impression with a dunk shot in the 2015-2016 season championship match, which debuted at KBL, and scored double digits (11.9 points) from the following season. He is playing as a key player in the team with 15 points, 5 rebounds and 3.2 assistance this season, followed by 15 points and 6.9 rebounds and 2 assistance this season.

Director Lee Sang-min pointed out, “If you grow up to Song Gyo-chang, of course, it’s good.” “But I think Cha Min-seok has enough possibilities and qualities,” he predicted. “It depends on how hard you work and whether you are big enough to meet the leader.”

Cha Min-seok also said, “I haven’t decided on a role model, but basically the players I want to follow are Song Gyo-chang and Yang Hong-seok seniors.” Yang Hong-seok (Busan kt) was not a high school graduate, but appeared in the draft when he was a freshman at Chung-Ang University. This season, with an average of 14.4 points, 6.6 rebounds and 1.4 help, he is performing similarly to Song Gyo-chang. Song Gyo-chang and Yang Hong-seok both play an active part in the interior and exterior of the 3rd and 4th.

Minseok Cha’s dream does not stop here. There is also a desire for a tall guard. Cha Min-seok said, “If you settle in number 3 and adjust to the position well, you will have to try to guard.” “I had a guard injured in my third year of high school, so I tried it for a while,” said Cha Min-seok, “I don’t have enough skills, but I feel like I’m in a position, and I’m thinking of keeping the guard in mind in the future.”

Lee Hang-beom (left), the first high school graduate selected in the rookie draft. (Reference photo = KBL)

But that’s what happened after I survived the pro. You may disappear without adapting to KBL. Lee Hang-beom, the first new high school graduate in 2004, failed to overcome the limitation of 168cm height and left KBL without a match. In 2005, Korean high school graduate Han Sang-woong also joined Seoul SK in fourth place, but the 2015-2016 season averaged three minutes for six seasons, showing a slight presence.

Cha Min-seok said, “As I jumped four years earlier (than a rookie of college graduates), I have to correct my shot and train weights,” he said. did. Manager Lee also said, “After checking the sense and physical condition of the game, we will play.”

Throughout the interview, Cha Min-suk said calmly and calmly enough to think that a high school student would be right. Sensitive questions were smoothly avoided. First of all, it seems that the possibility of success in KBL is high. Cha Min-seok, who has a physique of up to 2 meters, is more likely to build a better career than Lee Hang-beom and Han Sang-woong, who struggled with their small height.

But what matters is his own efforts, as Lee said. Can Minseok Cha write the myth of a second high school graduate like Song Gyochang? Or, like Lee Hang-beom, will only leave the name of KBL’s first.

Kang So-ra’s recent pregnancy announcement… The cheeks that became chubby


Kang So-ra. Married to an oriental doctor on August 29th
The news of the ceremony after 3 months of marriage

/Photo = Kang Sora Instagram

Actor Kang So-ra shared the current situation after the announcement of her pregnancy.

On the 23rd, Kang So-ra posted 4 photos on her social media account with the post “Sudden Winter”.

In the public photo, Kang So-ra smiles and stares at the camera. He created a warm atmosphere with short short hair and boasting a modest beauty. In particular, the plump cheeks stood out and drew attention.

Earlier, Kang So-ra married an 8-year-old oriental doctor on August 29. He said, “I met a good person who wants to live with me in the future. I will work hard to repay you by showing you a happy marriage and various appearances as actors in the future to all of you who believe in and support me.”

/Photo = Kang Sora Instagram

/Photo = Kang Sora Instagram

Since then, after three months of marriage, she delivered the news of her pregnancy and received congratulations from many. On the 19th, Kang So-ra’s agency, Plum A&C, explained on the 19th that “A new life has come to Kang So-ra. Kang So-ra is currently working on prenatal school in a healthy and happy way, taking stability with a happy and excited heart.”

He said, “I will continue to be active as an actor not only as a member of a family named Kang So, but also as an actor after returning.

Kang So-ra, who debuted with the film ‘4th Class Mystery Area’ in 2009, includes the films’Sunny’,’Paparotti’,’Do not hurt’, and the drama’Dream High 2′,’Doctor Stranger’,’Miseng’,’Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho’ It came to my back and was loved a lot. Recently, he confirmed a special appearance in the movie’Rain and Your Story’ and announced a screen comeback.

Reporter Park Chang-ki [email protected]

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Unity unveils unity Seoul 2020 ZEPETO map:: board country


Unity Korea (CEO In-sook Kim) is unite Seoul 2020, the first virtual exhibition hall in the history of Unite Seoul, where visitors can view the interior as a 3D AR avatar ahead of the holding of Unite Seoul 2020 on December 1st. ZEPETO Map) was released.

ZEPETO of NAVER Z (co-representatives Daewook Kim, Changwook Kim) is a 3D avatar social platform that can communicate with users around the world by creating 3D AR avatars through AI-based face recognition technology. As of October, the cumulative number of subscribers reached 190 million. Unite Seoul 2020 ZEPETO MAP, unveiled this time, is the first online conference that Unity and ZEPETO will jointly unveil.

Unite Seoul 2020 ZEPETO MAP can be accessed through the Unite Seoul 2020 map after downloading the existing ZEPETO application and signing up for membership.You can purchase Unite Seoul 2020 items consisting of T-shirts and hats with free cyber money. You can freely decorate your avatar. Afterwards, you can start viewing the virtual exhibition hall by selecting a map of your choice between a real-time map and an interactive map.

The virtual exhibition hall is divided into two spaces through two maps, a real type map and an interactive map, so that you can tour the exhibition hall. The real-type map consists of video screening halls and exhibition spaces divided by floor, making it fun to go up and down stairs, and the interactive map is decorated with the concept of a large conference hall on a single floor, and the entire area of ​​the exhibition hall is at a glance with the information desk in the center To be able to appreciate it. In addition, there is a black hole between the two maps, so participants can freely move around the map through the black hole and view the exhibition hall.

The Unity Showcase introduces examples of leading companies that have adopted Unity in various industries such as games, movies, cars, and architecture, and the MWU (Made With Unity) booth introducing major Unity-based games, and the companies and universities that sponsored this event. There is also a sponsor booth to promote

At the MWU booth, winners of the MWU Korea Awards 2020, a competition to select outstanding content based on Unity held in May, will be introduced. Unsouled (Best PC, Console) of Megsta Games, Skull: The Hero Slayer (Best Innovation) of South 4 Games, TurnTack (Best Asset) of Staff Games, Forum VR of Studio Coin Co., Ltd. (ForumVR)-Artists of Oz (Best Immersive), Pastel’s Starlight Sea Stand (Best Graphics), Livemakers, Inc.’s Hop it up! (Best Monetization), 3FFACTORY’s Archer Advent (best expected), Devbox’s DARK WATER (Best Indie), Idea Games’ A3: Still Alive (best work), etc. You can meet the award-winning works of each category received in one body with various graphic effects that move vividly.

Along with this, there will be an event where visitors can participate in order to obtain abundant products. A drawing of 50 of the visitors with avatars that look like statues wearing the Unity Full Package Swag installed in the map will be given a full package swag consisting of T-shirts, hats, and backpacks. In addition, an SNS event that presents a chicken gifticon through a lottery will be organized if the avatars who are viewing the virtual exhibition hall are verified on Instagram and Facebook along with a hashtag.

ZEPETO Unite Seoul 2020 Map and details of Unite Seoul 2020 can be found on the official Unity website.

[시황] Altcoin↑..Coinbase access failure due to an explosion in transaction volume


[출처: 두나무]

The US stock market rose to a sense of political relief when the Trump administration transferred the necessary authority to Biden’s acquisition cabinet. In particular, as former Fed Chairman Yellen was elected as the finance minister, expectations for additional stimulus measures increased. The stock market was led by retail and leisure financing. Corona-damaged stocks rose mainly. The European region fell on fears of an economic downturn despite a favorable vaccine. The US manufacturing PMI for October was 56.7, exceeding expectations. Despite a number of positive news, the desire for profit-taking is growing, and the rise is limited.

Oil prices rose in anticipation of the AstraZeneca vaccine news and additional stimulus. Gold prices fell as the preference for safe assets fell.

The corona trend has exceeded 170,000 on average on 7 days in the United States. In some areas, toilet paper and daily necessities are being bought again. In addition, there are an average of 1 million aircraft passengers per day ahead of Thanksgiving. The European shutdown is expected to ease in early December. New York City has again set up a 100-bed field hotel on Staten Island. Although the number of patients in the critical stage of corona is increasing, the confirmation rate is falling again to less than 10%.

On issues related to the US presidential election, Trump did not agree with the election results, but indicated that he would share authority with the Biden acquisition team. Thanks to the Republican Party dominating the Senate, Biden decided to appoint former Fed Chairman Yellen as Treasury Secretary.

The cryptocurrency market is taking a breath after bitcoin breaks through $18,500. Among them, altcoins have risen significantly and a secondary wave is occurring. In particular, Ripple rises by nearly 40% in one day, leading the altcoin sentiment. Ethereum also surpassed $600. As a result, it is difficult to handle the transaction volume of Coinbase, and access failure continues. Meanwhile, new finance minister Janet Yellen has a negative view of Bitcoin, raising regulatory concerns. China will conduct the 2nd digital yuan test in Suzhou next month.

※ This article was written based on data from Fair Square Lab, a digital asset research organization. This is an investment reference only, and Joindie is not responsible for investment decisions.

In 2020, the world’s leading Internet scientific and technological achievements will be released


In 2020, the world’s leading Internet scientific and technological achievements will be released

15 “black technology” on the list

Release date: 2020-11-24 08:45
Information source: Jiaxing Daily

In Wuzhen, where the blue water is gurgling, the accumulation of history echoes the rapid development of science and technology. Yesterday, the 2020 “World’s Leading Internet Science and Technology Achievement Release Event” was held in the Wuzhen Hall of Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center. The launch event focused on five application areas: industrial recovery and coordinated development, digital social governance, global public crisis response, artificial intelligence cloud life, and green digital public welfare practices.

The reporter learned from the release site that the 2020 global Internet leading scientific and technological achievements mainly include-Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Research Institute “service-oriented future network test environment and technological innovation”; science and technology are good and coordinated-Tencent conference practice; Ali Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. “Shenlong: a new generation of integrated software and hardware virtual technology architecture”; Qualcomm Technologies “Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G modem and radio frequency system empowers China’s first batch of 5G IoT terminals and applications to land”; Zhejiang University, Zhijiang The laboratory’s “neuromorphic brain-like computer” with hundreds of millions of neurons; Kaspersky and its subsidiary APROTECH’s “Industrial Gateway of “Design is Safe”—IKS1000GP”; Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. “Intelligent Body: Intelligent Upgrade Technology Reference Architecture” 15 representative leading scientific and technological achievements.

It is understood that this year is the fifth year of the launch of the world’s leading scientific and technological achievements on the Internet. This event aims to showcase the latest technology in the global Internet field, promote the concept of Internet technology innovation, green, tolerance and sharing, highlight the extraordinary contributions of practitioners in the Internet field, fully release the dividends of results, build a comprehensive international innovation exchange platform, and focus Internet technology is the best practice in the fields of anti-epidemic science and technology, resumption of work and production, and promotion of the development and cooperation of the digital economy.

Since August this year, the World Internet Conference has collected more than 300 leading scientific and technological achievements in the Internet field from the world in accordance with five categories: theoretical basis, technology, products, business models, and integration, covering smart cities, intelligent transportation, telemedicine, and online Education and other application scenarios closely related to social life include technology categories such as quantum computing, satellite Internet, artificial intelligence, high-end chips, 5G network architecture, and innovative applications.

In terms of project review, in accordance with the principles of “fairness, impartiality, authority, and objectivity”, the conference specially established a “leading scientific and technological achievements recommendation committee”, with Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, chairman of the Central Committee of the Zhi Gong Party, and chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology as the honorary director Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, serves as the Chinese director, and Wiener Zorn, the “Father of the German Internet” and Internet Hall of Fame inductee, serves as the foreign director. The committee includes 36 well-known experts in the global Internet field to ensure the authority and fairness of the recommendation review Sex.

After the final evaluation of the “World Internet Leading Scientific and Technological Achievements Recommendation Committee” in 2020, the owners of 15 representative leading scientific and technological achievements this year will personally use advanced auxiliary methods to publish and display the results at the conference site, and they will be awarded by the World Internet Conference Organizing Committee. Commemorative trophy and commemorative certificate issued. Among them, there are 1 special release results and 14 independent releases; in addition, there are 4 results specially recommended by the Chinese and foreign directors.

Expatriates in the UAE can now start their own company


Dubai: Expatriates can now start full-fledged businesses or companies in the UAE. Removed the requirement that the main shareholding should be to the native. President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has amended the Company Ownership Act. Currently, expatriates are allowed to have full ownership only in the free zones. The UAE has announced major changes to company ownership law. Many of the amendments will come into effect from December 1. Some will take effect after six months. Earlier, it was stipulated that a 51 per cent stake should be held by a native to start a limited company outside the free zone. However, restrictions on foreign investment will remain in strategic areas such as oil mining, power generation, public transport and government agencies. About 70 per cent of the companies’ shares can now be sold to the public through the stock market. Earlier, only 30 per cent of the shares were issued. The new law also allows shareholders to file lawsuits in civil court against companies’ chairmen and senior executives in the event of a fall.