Facebook Protect Required 15 Days After Notification Otherwise, it’s locked. What is it? How to turn it on?

Many Facebook users started receiving notifications. Facebook Protect Have users set it to activate within 15 days of being notified. Let’s look at a summary of what it is. and where to turn on

What is Facebook Protect?

Facebook Protect actually recommends that users turn on the settings to make their accounts as secure as possible. Facebook Protect was previously enabled in the US. During the voting period, Facebook will force the relevant account to enable this feature.

More information:

Facebook itself later extended this policy to other account users. In the first phase, it promotes users to set up their accounts to keep their accounts safe. and has shifted to a semi-compulsory policy for users who are not yet set to complete

The Facebook Protect condition, where Facebook notifies users, states that If any user of the account who received the notification does not take action within 15 days, they will not be able to log in until they are set up.

Why didn’t I receive a Facebook Protect notification?

For some users who do not receive notifications, it can be divided into two cases:

1. The user has Facebook Protect set up (most of them are like this).

2. Haven’t reached the queue to be notified.

If not open within 15 days, what will happen?

Facebook states that if a user doesn’t enable Facebook Protect within 15 days of receiving the notification, they won’t be able to log in. Facebook Protect must be enabled.

Put simply, Facebook Protect must be enabled before you can access it. If not enabled, the system will force it to be enabled anyway (not enabled = unable to play Facebook).

How to enable Facebook Protect

Users can access the Facebook Protect settings menu by:

Open the Facebook app > tap “Menu” (3 lower right underscores) > tap “Settings” (at Settings & Privacy) > tap “Password & Security” > tap Facebook Protect (or “ Check your important security settings.” Optional.)

Then set the security settings according to the instructions given by the system.

  • Set a password that is hard to guess: In order not to allow bad people to guess the password to log in easily.
  • Two-step verification: To prevent bad people from easily logging in. even if you know the password Another step of authentication is required, e.g. via SMS, email.
  • Turn on login notification : to let users know they are logged in at another device or elsewhere

If the setting is completed, it will show the status as follows.

Facebook emphasizes that these settings are designed to provide users with the highest level of security for their accounts. Because nowadays we can see that Facebook accounts are easily hacked and spoofed for many bad things.


5 Responses

  1. But it is my right to keep my account as it is now. I don’t want any protection coming from FB as I don’t trust especially when I see how they suspend people for incredible reason

  2. After format an old phone or using sim on a new Android phone my facebook profile account is not getting back.
    Security team of facebook, sending me mail and quarrying time to time for get back the account. But after successfuly identified of my own comnent on facebook, what they send they are not giving back my account. What to do?

  3. FB has locked me out of my account. I didn’t see anything on this ridiculous FB Protect thing until recently. I don’t want it but now I’m locked out and when I try to get FBProtect now it won’t let me. FB has proven, once again, they are the scum of the earth.

  4. I missed the 15 days and now locked out of Facebook ! Can anyone help what i can now do ?

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