Obesity surgery, like gastric banding, has a life-prolonging effect

US research team “Severely obese adults who underwent surgery have a 16% lower risk of death than the control group”“The risk of heart disease, cancer death, and diabetes is 29%, 43%, and 72%, respectively. Improving the Quality of Health” A surgeon measures the belly of an obese male patient and prepares for bariatric surgery. Getty […]

When your head hurts like being hit with a hammer in winter…

◇ If you have a severe headache that you have never experienced before, it is very likely a ruptured brain aneurysm. *Source=Shutterstock In the cold winter, if you suddenly experience a severe headache like being hit in the head with a hammer and a stiff neck, you should visit the hospital quickly. This is because […]

Training Match vs Omiya Ardija Match Results | Mito Hollyhock Official Site

We will inform you of the result of today’s training match (vs. Omiya Ardija). [Canlyniad gêm hyfforddi (vs. Omiya Ardija)]13:30 kickoff (30 minutes x 4) @Uruma City Gushikawa Multipurpose Stadium Omiya Ardija 2-2 Mito Hollyhock ■ 1st run 0-0 ■ 2nd run 0-0 ■ 3rd run 1-0 ■ 4th 1-2・ Scorer: 25 Ikuya Unoki x […]

Expectations for a return of 1.8 points | Football Tribe Japan

Michael Olunga Photo: Getty Images Kenyan national team forward Michael Olunga (28), who was once the top scorer in the J1 league when he was a member of Kashiwa Reysol, is currently playing for Al Duhail in Qatar’s first division. Suddenly, it’s a hot topic among Japanese SNS users that Olunga’s SNS post might suggest […]

“1 in 3 US adults suffer from allergies”

Seasonal allergies, food allergies, and eczema involved in 1 in 4 children input 2023.01.28 21:00 Adjust 2023.01.28 19:11 scenes 0 input 2023.01.28 21:00Adjust 2023.01.28 19:11 scenes 0 Seasonal allergies triggered by plant pollen have become the most common type of allergy in adults and children. [사진=게티이미지뱅크] One in three adults and one in four children […]

[과학을읽다]Besides Corona… China ranks first in global infectious diseases

WHO publishes statistical results for the last 23 years [아시아경제 김봉수 기자] Even before Corona virus 19, there were infectious diseases with strong infectivity and toxicity. These include influenza, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and Ebola. A recent study has revealed where these serious communicable diseases are most common around the world. China, where Corona […]