“Beware of dengue fever when traveling abroad, such as South East Asia”

▲ Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall [미디어뉴스] The Gwangju Metropolitan City Health and Environment Research Institute on the 3rd advised citizens who are preparing to travel abroad, such as Southeast Asia, to be careful not to be infected with dengue fever. Dengue fever infects more than 100 million people each year in more than 100 countries […]

Tofu in the morning, soybean paste soup with soft tofu in the evening.. Changes in the body?

Low calories and synergistic effect of protein… Muscle strengthening – Help with diet input 2023.02.06 12:00 correction 2023.02.06 14:37 3,248 views input 2023.02.06 12:00correction 2023.02.06 14:37 3,248 views Tofu promotes calcium absorption through the isoflavone effect, which is useful for bone health. [사진=클립아트코리아] At one time, the morning raw tofu diet was popular. Tofu for […]

[Canlyniadau gêm 1af Cynghrair 2/6 M 2022-23]Big comeback with 6000 total! Rio Tojo makes a big move and takes the top! Decide on the top prize with Sakura Knights and progress with the aim of advancing to the semi-finals! – Mahjong Watch

The 69th day of the Mahjong Pro League “Daiwa Securities M League 2022-23” was held on Monday, February 6. game card 6 February ©ABEMA Commentary: Hiroto Tsuchida Commentary: Tatsuya Hiyoshi ©ABEMA Players who take part in the first game Players taking part in the first match ©ABEMA East: Sayaka Okada Right: Jun Murakami West: Rio […]

An explosion of heart failure patients… You can also take |

◇ The incidence of heart failure in Korea was 2.24% in 2018, almost tripling in 15 years. *Source = shutterstock Heart failure is a disease that affects 26 million people worldwide. Due to the aging population, the number of patients with heart failure continues to increase. The incidence of heart failure in Korea, which was […]

A nutritionist recommends 7 types of mushrooms for fat reduction and laxative, which can also cure dry skin, but 2 types of people should eat them carefully |

February 06, 2023 07:00 Mushrooms are rich in nutritional value, which can not only heal dry skin, but also help reduce fat and relieve constipation. Recently, nutritionist Queenie Lam from “Negimen” (Negimen) introduced 7 different types of mushrooms, each of which has a different nutritional value and effectiveness. As well as helping to reduce fat […]