Brazil joins in accepting Afghan refugees… ‘Humanitarian Visa’ accepted

Brazil has also joined in the acceptance of Afghan refugees as the procession continues in Afghanistan controlled by the Islamic militant group, the Taliban.

According to Brazilian media on the 4th local time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice said in a statement that they would issue ‘humanitarian visas’ to refugees who want to leave Afghanistan in opposition to the Taliban regime.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice explained, “Issuing humanitarian visas to refugees is the third step after Syria and Haiti to promptly accept Afghan refugees.”

Based on data from the National Refugee Commission of the Ministry of Justice, Brazil received more than 100,000 refugee applications last year, of which 47,817 were recognized as refugees.

Among those recognized as refugees, Venezuelans accounted for the overwhelming majority at 46,641, followed by Syria with 180.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)



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  1. Hello dear sir / Madame I was a military in Afghanistan. government of Brazil grant visa help me please.

  2. Hello sir madam my name is Rahmat gul i am from afghanistan my condition is very bad at the moment and i want to come to brazil i need brazilian visa if you can help me thank you

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