Brazil sinks ailing ship full of toxins – environmentalists appalled

A decommissioned aircraft carrier had been drifting off Brazil for months. Despite appeals from environmentalists, the ghost ship has now been sunk. Brazil’s navy has sunk a ghost ship in Brazilian waters that had been wandering around for months and was equipped with toxic asbestos sheets. “The Brazilian Navy proceeded with the necessary technical competence […]

Bolsonaro prepared the coup in Brazil

In January, supporters of ex-President Jair Bolsonaro stormed the government district in Brasília. The new president is certain: Bolsonaro planned this. Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is convinced that his far-right predecessor Jair Bolsonaro planned the storming of the government district in Brasília in January. In conversation with the Brazilian broadcaster RedeTV! Lula […]

war | Berlin releases Leopard-1 – but there is a problem

The Leopard 1 can be delivered to Ukraine by manufacturers. The federal government has given the go-ahead. But there are still hurdles. The federal government has approved the supply of Leopard 1 main battle tanks to Ukraine from industrial stocks. This means that the first models could soon be delivered to Ukraine. A government spokesman […]

Notary offices point to an increase of almost 70% in sex change records

Civil registry offices across the country broke a record, throughout 2022, of notes referring to the transgender population’s gender reassignment. During the period, there was an increase of almost 70% in the number of people who changed their name and gender, according to an official survey of the sector. Data compiled by the National Association […]

Scholz is left out in the rain by Brazil’s Lula

Brazil will not provide ammunition to Ukraine. The situation at the front is still tough, but Kyiv is confident. The news at a glance. At the last stop of his three-day trip to Latin America, Chancellor Olaf Scholz was also unable to persuade Brazil to give Ukraine more support. Brazil will not provide ammunition for […]

Global Corruption Ranking, Latin American Countries fall to record low | Reuters

Guatemala, Nicaragua and Cuba fell to record lows in the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index released by anti-corruption group Transparency International on January 31. FILE PHOTO: Guatemala City, Guatemala, August 2023. REUTERS/Sandra Sebastian SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Guatemala, Nicaragua and Cuba hit all-time lows in the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index released on Monday by Berlin-based anti-corruption […]

Who will come to my funeral?… A Brazilian man held a fake funeral

A chapel in Brazil where a funeral is held in a solemn atmosphere. A man in a silver hoodie suddenly appears on the podium and takes off his hat to reveal his face. People who gathered to commemorate the deceased were caught in a moment of absurdity. This is because this man who appeared was […]

PayPal will lay off 2,000 employees to reduce costs in the face of volatile market

PayPal is expected to lay off 2,000 employees, about 7% of its workforce, Chief Executive Dan Schulman said today. According to him, although the company has made progress in resizing its cost structure, there is still “more work to be done”. With the announcement, the company’s shares ended the trading session in New York on […]

Chancellor is left out in the rain

Chancellor Scholz rebuffed his request for ammunition deliveries in Brazil. Instead, President Lula wants to mediate together with China in the Ukraine war. What does that mean. The most important things at a glance It didn’t go according to plan. Chancellor Olaf Scholz is currently visiting Brazil. Together with President Lula da Silva, he appeared […]

war | Deliver fighter jets to Ukraine? That’s what the Germans say

News blog about the Ukraine war Deliver fighter jets to Ukraine? That’s what the Germans say Von t-online, dpa, afp, Reuters Updated on 01/31/2023 – 19:48Reading time: 9 min. Fighter jets for Ukraine? A military expert expresses his doubts – and takes the possible scenarios apart. (What: t-online) Day 342 since the beginning of the […]