“Kantana” joins forces with “Amarin TV” to launch a big project “Y MOMENT”

“Kantana” joins forces with “Amarin TV” to launch a big project “Y MOMENT”

“Kantana Group” tag team “Amarin TV” brings up a big project to please Sai Ying, press conference, the moment of the Y series “Y MOMENT Boys’ Love Series”, ready to launch an experienced partner to join the production of the Y series Delivered directly to your home throughout the year 2022 to reinforce the Y Fever trend. which is now growing steadily

Sasikorn Chanset, Executive Chairman of Kantana Group Public Company Limited, said:
“Currently, content Y is becoming more and more popular. Especially during the past 2 years, Thailand has produced up to 40 Y series and is expected to add up to 90 stories this year. has expanded the niche market to the mass market cause various currents in online media until it became a phenomenon that anyone They have to talk about The popularity of Series Y has also generated a large audience or fan base, making it one of today’s most cohesive communities.
So we think it’s time to create a moment for Y series lovers to have a community together. have talked, exchanged and shared experiences together That’s why I asked for this project. which received a favor from the management of Amarin Television Company Limited allocating good time To broadcast every Saturday night from 22.30 – 23.30 on Amarin TV HD Channel 34, we have invited partners who create international productions to participate in this project for many companies. Both Mr. Wasan Hom Saeng Pradit, Hollywood (Thailand) Co., Ltd., an international entertainment company with experience in producing movies, series, Mr. Chayon Kornhirun, Star Hunter Entertainment Company Limited, a comprehensive entertainment production company Producing content Y series Including many artists, actors under the agency, Mr. Worarit Nilklom, 9 Page Production Company Limited, a company that produces all types of entertainment media. Distinguished by the connection with the largest business partners in Asia. together with Mr. Yuparat Ekthuraprakul, Hub of Harmony Entertainment Co., Ltd., a specialist in 360-degree entertainment business, thanks to everyone here.”

On the side of Siri Boonpitakket President of Amarin Television Company Limited added that “Amarin TV Just opened the big plan for 2022 at the beginning of the year, which we set to stand for one news program continuously. Ready to serve new online content and prepare to expand entertainment for you viewers of all ages every generation too Y series content That we are going to launch today for Y Momnet, thus opening a new timeline line-up every Saturday night from 22.30 – 23.30 on Amarin TV HD, Channel 34, which is considered a prime time. time that definitely meets the needs of the target audience
must admit Y series market Originally a niche market It is becoming a mainstream content already, both the statistics of watching more and more series Y. With the social dimension that is more open and accepting of diversity, Amarin TV is committed to responding to the trend in the new target audience. Expand the audience base to suit all genders. all ages continuously which thanks to Kantana and all partners who are ready to come together to create quality work with full flavor to create happiness and fun throughout the year 2022.”

In the press conference for the period of the Y series “Y MOMENT Boys’ Love Series”, launching project partners, producing series, with an army of stars and artists to join the work from 5 series, such as

Love Stage “Pawankaew Kittipat” , “Turbo Chanokchon” , “Film Jirayu” , “Tawan Nawinwit” etc.
Rak Chao, Mr. Rossab (What Zabb Man!) “Boss Thawatchanin”, “Peter Cholapatchara”, “Bank Thonin”, “Bonus Thanadet”, etc.
That night with Mr. Dao Nuea (Check Out) “Shahab Marut”, “Base Withwin”, “M Sarawut”, “Beam Atichart”, etc.
Our love destiny (Imado) “Film Jirayu” , “Jel Chalanthon” , “Pi Pee Wasu”
Love as you wish (Omakase) “Chef Moo Chiabwut” , “Chef May Phatthanan Thongthong”

Come join us to follow and encourage the big projects of this year at the same time.
Premieres with “Love Stage,” the most popular romantic-comedy series from manga to anime in Japan. and was brought as a Y series in Thailand You can find the first episode on Saturday, January 29, from 10:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Join us to follow the carefully curated content delivered directly to your home throughout the year 2022 via Amarin TV HD Channel 34 and watch back. After receiving via AIS PLAY at 11:30 PM. onwards

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