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Hello ♪ This is the Perfect World Tokyo editorial department, who wants everyone to feel the charm of character goods, old and new ♪ Today, we will deliver a recommended interior mat for those who want to change the atmosphere of their usual room! The cuteness of the appearance and the ease of use will make you messed up ♪

We also have other cute items. Please check it out together ♪

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It is the best interior mat with light coloring and fluffy treading comfort.55cm×65cmBecause it is the size, you can put it anywhere you like in the room ♪

The usage example is like this. It feels good to have a clean feeling as a toilet mat ♪

Of course it is also good for bath mats. Since fine fibers are densely packed, it has water absorption and is excellent not only as an interior but also in terms of performance!

If you use the entrance mat, you can have a fashionable welcome and it will be a story ♪

There are four other types, blue, pink and gray. It’s also interesting to try different colors depending on the atmosphere of the room and the place to put it ♪ How was it? I hope you all have a wonderful encounter with the characters …

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