‘Yoo Hyeon-chul♥’ Class 10 Oksoon “The reason why I didn’t go to ‘Doll Singles’? I want to be quite alone”

Yoo Hyeon-cheol from ‘Doll Singles 3’, Right-soon from the 10th ‘I’m Solo’. picture| YouTube Channel ‘Up2Youtube’ Oksoon, the 10th class of ‘I’m Solo’, revealed why he appeared in ‘I’m Solo’ instead of ‘Idol Singles’. ‘I’m Solo’ Youngsik’s 10th YouTube channel ‘Up2YouTube’ posted a video on the 4th.[단독공개] Oksoon man! A video titled ‘Dol Singles Hyeoncheol […]

‘Free kick’ O Sang-jin, Han Seok-jun, Kim Il-joong, Jeon Hyun-moo under control? ‘Ambition Target’ (‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2’)

[뉴스컬처 노규민 기자] Oh Sang-jin, Han Seok-joon, and Kim Il-joong, the ‘three free announcers’, revealed their ambitions for the ‘daesang’ while watching Jeon Hyun-moo. On SBS ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’), broadcast on the 6th, the meeting between Oh Sang-jin and Kim […]

▶️ Clip: Aries Ascendant for February 2023

Aries_February 2023 Work, Finances, Love, Luck #Horoscope #Aries #aries #astrology #horoscope May you receive good energy only be auspicious 🔮 It’s a complete prediction. zodiac horoscope 🙏 Not one person’s luck. 🙏 Give attention in a way that honors others, in a way that respects and respects yourself 🙏 . People born in Aries: Between […]

Yajna Failure File – OPINION – EDITORIAL

Officers can have many excuses for pending files. But there is a strong perception among people that files move quickly to those who have influence and are ready to hand over the reins. This understanding is reinforced by experience. Although the Prime Minister has reminded that every file is a life, the officers do not […]

The new indie game “Lana Star” that combines elements of puzzle solving will open a demo of “Planet of Lana” in conjunction with the Steam New Product Festival

The new game “Lana Star (temporary translation, formerly known as: Planet of Lana)” developed by the independent game development team wishes to participate in the Steam New Product Festival. It is scheduled to release a trial version of the game starting today, allowing players to test it for a limited time. The story of the […]

New Balance 1906R Launches Three New Colors | Hypebeast

Creative group MSCHF created the latest red “Astro Boy” style shoes that were first revealed A perfect reproduction of “Atomic King Kong/Peter Pan Astro Boy”. Moncler will host the 2023 show “THE ART OF GENIUS” at London Fashion Week At that time, Moncler Genius will be upgraded from the current joint fashion series to a […]