Ban Muang – Major Cineplex Group welcomes the month of love with…pink popcorn.

Monday, 06 February 2023, 6:04 pm Major Cineplex Group welcomes the month of love with…pink popcorn The deliciousness that only comes once a yearwith “Strawberry Flavored Popcorn” made from popcorn kernelspremium grade Good smell, strawberry smell, sweet, fragrant, crunchy, delicious until you can’t put it down. Guaranteed deliciousness, this flavor Strawberry Lover told me not […]

Synopsis for “Lost Shadow | The Demon”

Synopsis for “Lost Shadow | The Demon” adapted from the novel : Kantima’s “Shadow Dragon”.television episode : change of eyesdirect : Canon of Sumritdrama style : dramaproduction management : Kukrit Chantima, Wipol Amnuayphonchaibroadcast date : Every Wednesday-Thursday at 21.45 on PPTV HD Channel 36 and at 23.50, look back at the first place through True […]

8 Living Cheek Concepts Bum Preeyada – Be yourself, don’t lie.

Weak cheeks – Preyada Sittachai A young actress who is now a favorite of people online, live and on YouTube channels. with a character whose identity everyone can touch Whether it’s a work corner, a love corner that is so bright for everyone Everyone appreciates following like CC. From the point where I never had […]

“Do you live in a newlywed house?” The reason why Ko Hyeon-jung was embroiled in rumors of remarrying Lee Young-ha

Actors Lee Young-ha and Ko Hyeon-jeong are in trouble after being caught up in a ‘remarriage rumor’ raised by a YouTube channel. Recently, entertainment-related YouTube ‘newlyweds’ and ‘property scale’ revealed the two, quickly surpassing 130,000 views. In addition, rumors that Ko Hyeon-jung will retire from the entertainment industry at the age of 51 are emerging, […]

Nine Muses’ wedding announcement revealed Park Min-ha, a handsome groom-to-be

[일요신문] Nine Musines’ Park Min-ha announced her marriage. Photo = Park Min-ha’s Instagram On the 5th, Minha wrote on her Instagram, “I have a story that I want to convey with all my heart to the many people who always support me, so I am writing a handwritten letter after a while long.” “I’m getting […]

Entertainment news on February 6, 2023

Entertainment route for February 6, 2023 – Little Tawan took her daughter, Nong Mee Ya, to invite him to follow the play. Hug many women – It’s hard! A fun atmosphere, 7 colours, a concert on tour A full line-up of performers! – Give it your all! Pinkploy Paphawadee – Aon Kevalin floating in the […]