Nam Bora “My 6th sister has borderline developmental disorder”

Actress Nam Bora reported on her current situation. On the 1st, Bora Nam released a video titled ‘Korea’s first (?) YouTube re-debut’ on his YouTube channel. He said, “I’m trying to start YouTube again. I originally started, but after realizing that the editing area was not my domain, I took my hands off it. I […]

Choi Jeong-hoon, Stray Kids, 3racha, etc. promoted to regular members of the Haneum Jeohyup

[이데일리 스타in 김현식 기자] On the 2nd, the Korean Music Copyright Society (hereinafter referred to as the Korean Music Copyright Society) unveiled the list of members promoted to regular members. The Haneum Jeohyup is an organization that trusts and manages the copyrights of 47,000 harpists and composers. Every year, according to the association’s articles of […]

Lee Jeong-eun, an acting magician who turns small parts into jewels

Lee Jung-eun, photo courtesy = Junfilm Like everyone else, an actor rises to his place at the moment by seizing the opportunities given to him that may pass by. Sometimes the road is so long and boring that it makes you sigh, but the acting of those who have followed the same road step by […]

The lottery tip is so accurate, “Magic” turns into a lottery master! Show the snake’s lucky number! Me, famous people sitting and clearing Channel 8

“Monsit Khamsoi” really turned into a lottery master? …… I would like to clear the trend, shrink work, secretly hide in children, shout hard, meet the serpent!!! emerge with “Aj. Yingsak” this time, I guarantee it will be clear and clear!!! “Monsit Khamsoi” really turned into a lottery master? …… I would like to clear […]