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Overwatch unveils a warm’testee support video’ followed by a SAT promotion

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.’s team-based shooter Overwatch® released a video of support for candidates released two days before the 2021 College Aptitude Test (hereinafter the SAT), and the end of the SAT Two commemorative SAT promotions are in progress.

On the 1st (Tue), Overwatch released a video on the official YouTube channel of Overwatch in which 3 Korean developers and 9 voice actors participated in order to support candidates who suffered from many unpredictable changes compared to the previous year. They warmly warmed the hearts of the Overwatch community with a sincere message with affection to support Korean candidates who ran hard for the upcoming SAT. Through the video description, he also expressed his respect for all the hidden heroes and medical staff in Korea who contributed to preventing and preventing the spread of the disease.

Those who watched the video said, “Overwatch is the first game that voice actors directly support! Were in tears”, “Thank you for the sincere support video”, “I’m so happy to see the video, I’m not a test taker, but the advice and support are cool”, “All of the test takers, please do your best and take care of your health”.

Meanwhile, Overwatch announced two additional player benefits, such as an extended discount promotion and a snowflake (points automatically paid during game play) boost event one day before the end of the SAT. It is applied to all Overwatch players as well as candidates at the same time so that more players can benefit together.

First, the digital download version up to 48% discount promotion is extended until the 4th (Fri), the day after the SAT. During the period, the Overwatch Legendary Edition can be purchased at 23,000 won (regular price 45,000 won, 48% discount) and the regular version at 17,000 won (22,500 won, 24%) through the Blizzard Shop. During the same period, the standard version can be upgraded to the Legendary Edition for 6,000 won.

In addition, in order to support the relaxation and enjoyment that you enjoy after the end of the SAT, we will be holding an event to accumulate an additional 400% snowflake if you play Overwatch at home from 9 a.m. on the 3rd to 8:59 a.m. on Monday the 7th. Conduct. The accumulated snowflakes are used for various prizes at the Overwatch Snowflake Exchange.

Previously-class prizes were also prepared for applicants. In addition to the gaming chair and headset (D.Va edition) worth 500,000 won, Bluetooth earphones and gaming keyboard designed with the theme of Overwatch Hero Echo, various lifestyle items that stimulate possession such as zip-up hoodie, track pants, and mask kit are the lucky protagonists. Wait. It is a policy to increase the satisfaction of participating in the event by continuously adding a 100% win guarantee prize and a humidifier for winter essentials until the end of the event.

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BAAC lends loans to delay selling paddy 30,000 million baht – post today financial news – stocks


BAAC lends loans to delay selling paddy 30,000 million baht

Date 02 Dec 2020 at 12:10 PM

BAAC launches a loan project to postpone the sale of paddy free of interest for 5 months with a total amount of over 30 billion baht

Mr. Mint Ngernruang, Deputy Manager of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), revealed that according to the Cabinet resolution on November 3, 2020 proposed by the Ministry of Commerce. And the resolution of the BAAC committee on 20 August and 26 November 2020 approved the BAAC support payment in the rice farmer income insurance scheme. To help farmers get returns that are suitable, fair, cost-effective for production. And a project to support the management and development of product quality to reduce production costs for farmers who register rice growers in the production year 2020/64 with the Department of Agricultural Extension Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives already

In order to maintain the stability of paddy prices Helping rice farmers have a stable income. The government has entrusted BAAC to implement two projects under parallel measures to provide funding assistance for two projects, consisting of a project to delay the sale of paddy rice during the production year 2020/64 to provide farmers with working capital during the delay. Sell ​​rice Do not rush to sell during the price decline. The target is to pay credit of 1.5 million tons. Paddy at moisture not more than 15%, impurities not more than 2%, which is colored paddy rice less than 20 grams is not accepted into the project. And Hom Mali rice can have no more than 0.5% red rice (no more than 22 grains in 100 grams), the credit limit per ton is set as follows: Jasmine rice in the 23 provinces from 10,400 – 11,000 baht / ton. Jasmine rice outside the area 23. Provinces from 8,900 – 9,500 baht / ton, rice 5,400 baht / ton, fragrant rice 7,300 baht / ton, and glutinous rice 8,600 baht / ton, the total budget is 15,284 million baht, with farmers recovering income not more than 300,000 baht per agricultural cooperatives not exceeding 300 million baht. Farmer groups not more than 20 million baht and community enterprises not more than 5 million baht each, starting from now until February 28, 2021 and the South from March – 31 July 2021, the loan repayment is due within 5 months from the month of receiving the loan. Without interest rate

And a credit project to collect rice and create added value by the Farmers Institute, Production Year 2020/64, to help farmers institute play a role in helping to absorb the amount of paddy in the market. By collecting and buying rice from members and general farmers To be kept according to the standard For sale or to be privatized to add value of 15,000 million baht at an interest rate of 1 percent per annum, whereby farmers will receive a loan according to the business plan potential and not exceed the credit limit specified by the registrar. The period from now until September 30, 2021 determines the loan repayment period according to the business cycle, but not later than December 31, 2021, where interested farmers or farmer institutions can contact for more information at all BAAC branches nationwide or call Call Center 02 555 0555


Come to Singh … Let’s have tea and jellies and discuss: Cut Center | Agriculture Laws | Farmers Protest | Delhi | Farmers Protest | Manorama News | PM Modi | Delhi March | Breaking News | Current News | Manorama Online. | Latest News | Malayalam News | Malayalam Manorama


NEW DELHI: Farmers’ organizations are gearing up to intensify the Delhi Chalo agitation after talks with the central government failed as farmers were adamant that the three controversial laws should be repealed. The Joint Strike Committee is in discussions with farmers’ organizations in various states. The country’s capital came to a complete standstill as the Delhi Chalo agitation entered its seventh day.

During the compromise talks, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar’s tea party was rejected and leaders of farmers’ organizations invited the minister to Singh. The reply of the farmer leaders was that they could have tea and jellies there and discuss the issues with an open heart.

The Joint Strike Committee is discussing future plans with various organizations. There are also plans to bring in more farmers and blockade other borders of Delhi. Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) from UP said after a special meeting with Union ministers that it would write down the number of disagreements with the provisions of the law.

With the support for the Delhi March, more and more farmers are moving towards the Delhi border. Farmers’ organizations, which have rejected proposals by the central government to appoint an expert committee to study the problems in the law, are adamant that the rules should be repealed.

The government only promised to appoint a five-member high-level committee to look into the complaints. The Center said it would meet again tomorrow, but the leaders replied that there would be no discussion other than repealing the rules. He also rejected the Centre’s promise to issue an ordinance to freeze the rules.

The farmers’ leaders returned saying that the agitation would intensify. There are about 2.5 lakh farmers on the borders of Delhi. On the Haryana-Delhi border, farmers are stranded on the 14-km-long National Highway at Singhu and 11-km at Tikri. Gazipur on the UP-Delhi border is also home to thousands.

English Summary: Farmers Reject Centre’s Offer For Panel Discussion On Agriculture Laws


If you just install the app, everything is OK? Japan’s quarantine exemption attracts large-scale Olympic tourists


Local media reported on the 2nd that the Japanese government is planning to accept large-scale overseas entrants on the premise of installing applications for the Tokyo Olympics, which are scheduled to open on July 23, next year.

If you download the dedicated app and authenticate with Corona voice
Public transportation is also available for 2 weeks self-isolation exemption

This means that if you use the app properly, you can manage the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) without requiring prior vaccinations and restrictions on public transportation.

A Tokyo citizen is passing by an Olympic promotion post. [AP=연합뉴스]

According to the Nippon Geizai Shimbun (Nikkei), the Japanese government is preparing for such measures, taking as a general rule to ensure safety and to guarantee “freedom of movement”.

Foreign immigrants can use public transportation without isolation for two weeks by submitting a COVID-19 negative certificate upon entry, and vaccination is left to the country of origin judgment.Is the content.

The Japanese government is in a position that all of this can be done without any problems through a dedicated app. Foreign immigrants must download “COCOA,” an app operated by the Japanese government, and use a foreigner-only app that manages information such as voice certificates, visas, Olympic ticket numbers, and face photos to enjoy benefits such as self-isolation exemption. I can.

Nikkei explained that it is possible to check the presence or absence of contact with the infected person with cocoa first, and to be notified of the possibility of contact with the infected person in real time. The Japanese government’s plan is to allow rapid consultation in multiple languages ​​when symptoms develop by allowing you to record your health status in a foreigner-only app that includes voice certificates.

On November 7th, a Japanese professional baseball game at Tokyo Dome took place in the corona 19 spectator demonstration test. [AFP=연합뉴스]

On November 7th, a Japanese professional baseball game at Tokyo Dome took place in the corona 19 spectator demonstration test. [AFP=연합뉴스]

For this, rehearsals have already been conducted for the actual audience. The Japanese government held a professional baseball game at Yokohama Stadium from October 30th to November 1st and Tokyo Dome from November 7th to November 8th, with more than 80% of the total audience admitted, and began demonstration experiments.

It was confirmed that high-definition cameras, supercomputer Fugaku, and cocoa on visitors’ cell phones could manage crowds, congestion in toilets and shops, and the concentration of carbon dioxide. As a result, it is said that it received a positive report card as a Japanese government official’s observation (the Nikkei reported on October 24th) that “there will be a touchstone on whether it can accommodate the audience at the Tokyo Olympics.”

However, in a situation where Corona 19 has not entered the real world, there are not a few criticisms that it is “a story that has gone too far.” Discussions are premature at a time when the third epidemic becomes a reality and quarantine must become the top priority, and even though it relies only on IT technology, there are insufficient countermeasures in case unexpected problems arise.

Reporter Lee Geun-pyeong [email protected]

Vietnam suspended two final flights after finding COVID-infected in three months


Foreign news agencies reported. Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has ordered the second round of international commercial arrivals to be suspended, with only flights that bring Vietnamese citizens back from abroad.

The order came after the COVID-19 patient was found. From within the country for the first time in 3 months in Ho Chi Minh City By being a flight attendant of Vietnam Airlines that are detained and not detected. The patient then reunites with his mother and two friends, one of whom has been infected. And this is the 1,347th patient


‘Figure skating player → Shaman’ Choi Won-hee “I can’t jump because I see a ghost… I set up a new party last month”


Former figure skating player Choi Won-hee (23, photo) confessed to the difficult process of becoming a shaman.

On the 1st, a video titled’The first life is over’ on the YouTube channel’Video Mug’ was posted.

In the video, Choi Won-hee said, “If I used to go to the ice rink, now I go to the Sindang next door,” and “I am thinking that my job has changed.”

“I set up a new hall at the end of last month. It has been about 50 days since I became a shaman.”

Starting figure skating at the age of 10, he was talented enough to win a gold medal, but faced all kinds of adversity and eventually quit his career three years ago and worked as a coach.

On the occasion of becoming a shaman, Choi Won-hee said, “I have seen ghosts since I was a child. Even when I was exercising, I couldn’t jump because I had ghosts.”

He said, “Then, it was so difficult and painful this year that I decided that I had to go down.”

Choi Won-hee’s mother (pictured above) said, “My daughter only excels in artistry, but I didn’t know that she would excel in this direction. “I am grateful for what I am accepting.” He confessed, “The most difficult situation is that the family does not understand.”

Choi Won-hee said, “In my family, only my mother supports me. My mom is crying a lot and is struggling with me.” “Now my first life is completely over. “I have a determination to go this road perfectly.”

Shin Jeong-in, online news reporter [email protected]

Photo =’Video Mug’ YouTube channel capture

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Lived alone, fell in love, and fell in love; Meera notes


Actress Meera Nandan reveals that she has fallen in love in her life. The revelation was made in an Instagram post written by Meera on her 30th birthday. Meera shares about the events of her life in her twenties and the life experiences she went through.

‘Looking back to my twenties I have learned a lot over the past decade and gained my first experience in many things. In order to get to what I am today, I do not want to change anything, be it high or low.

After graduating from college, I earned a degree and in the meantime started my acting career, moved to Dubai and in the meantime got a chance to see a hand in radio (which is what I like most now). Lived alone. In love, he suffered heart attacks. We have learned to love ourselves. I realized that family is the most important thing anyway. Gained new friends. Now that we are going through an epidemic, I think good days are coming. My twenties were good, but I expect my thirties to be even better, ”Meera said.

Meera started her career as a reality show presenter on the mini screen. He started his acting career with Mulla directed by Lal Jose. Through different roles, Meera became the favorite heroine of the Malayalees. Meera is currently taking a break from film and working as a radio jockey.

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Are you interested? Caviar produces the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth without a gold-plated camera, starting at about 150,000 baht.


As COVID-19 continues to spread, Apple has opened up more opportunities than ever to enable customers to support (RED) in the fight against HIV / AIDS in Africa and protect communities from COVID-19. together

In 2006, Apple joined (RED) ‘s mission to end the HIV / AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa over the past 14 years. A partnership between Apple and (RED) can raise funds for The World Fund’s HIV / AIDS Program Up to US $ 250 Million For prevention, testing and consulting services, since 2006, Apple subsidies have been helping more than 10.8 million people, distributing more than 167 million HIV test kits, and making more. More than 13.8 million people have continued access to life-saving antiretroviral therapy (ARV).

This year, communities around the world are grappling with HIV / AIDS, while coping with and protecting themselves from COVID-19, especially in vulnerable populations, where COVID-19 poses many challenges in access to treatment, diagnostics and medical devices. physician Causing major HIV / AIDS projects to be frequently disrupted And to mitigate the problem and create a continuation of saving lives from HIV / AIDS, Apple is moving its subsidy to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 response program early in the epidemic. As a result of the support of Apple and Apple customers, the Global Fund’s COVID-19 response program can mitigate COVID-19 impacts on communities. It has been greatly affected by HIV / AIDS and also supports a critical public health system affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

These funds also help with close contact in South Africa. Helping to provide adequate self-defense equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers and to provide emergency medical equipment in Ghana. As well as helping to purchase motorcycles to deliver HIV drugs to communities in different areas. Apple has also donated millions of PPEs to the Zambian Ministry of Health. Which includes medical masks provided from supply chain sources Including the phase shield that Apple designed and produced

Supporting the fight against HIV / AIDS

Over the years, Apple customers around the world have played a key role in the fight to end AIDS, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for this purpose. And this year, (RED) support and dedication to HIV / AIDS prevention and treatment will be easier than ever.

Apple offers a wide selection of new (PRODUCT) RED devices and accessories this holiday season, including the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 12, the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 12 mini and the (PRODUCT) Apple Watch Series 6. RED From now until June 30, 2021, Apple will provide a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of 100 percent of (PRODUCT) RED to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response Program to provide service and treatment to certain communities where Most fragile in the world

From now through December 7, Apple will donate $ 1 per each purchase through the Apple Store app or Apple Store to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response Program.

Building awareness

To increase awareness of World AIDS Day and its ongoing dedication to eliminating HIV / AIDS, hundreds of Apple Stores adorn red logos or display their storefronts on the day.

On Apple Music, listeners can listen to Nigerian artist LADIPOE’s release of “Jaiye” (“Time of Our Lives”). Remixed by DJ Sigag and Aluna, the first single of “DANCE (RED) SAVE LIVES Vol. III.” Users can also listen to interviews with LADIPOE, Aluna and Don Jazzy from The Ebro Show on Apple Music 1 or Hear a selection of music and more. Many more from Apple Music special recommendations

In the App Store, customers can learn more about Apple’s (PRODUCT) RED and learn about the challenges in the fight against HIV / AIDS and COVID-19 as they progress. The App Store is also introducing the Medisafe (MediSafe) app. That helps users schedule medication and OkaySo (Tincan Labs), which provides anonymous location information. To enable people to inquire about fragile health problems and get expert answers.

For the Apple TV app, customers can find World AIDS Day collections in the “Watch Now” tab, which explores the story that reveals the costs of humanity arising from the HIV / AIDS epidemic.

Anyone interested can purchase (PRODUCT) RED products at: https://www.apple.com/th/product-red/

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Performance Bulletin | Ctrip achieves first quarter profit since the epidemic, domestic travel becomes a growth engine_Business


Original Title: Performance Bulletin | Ctrip achieves first quarter profit since the epidemic, domestic travel becomes a growth engine

With the effective control of the epidemic, the scarred tourism industry has accelerated its recovery.On December 2, the unaudited financial report released by Ctrip showed thatIn the third quarter, Ctrip achieved profit in the first quarter since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.

In the three months ending September 30,Ctrip Group’s net revenue was RMB 5.5 billion (US$805 million), a decrease of 48% year-on-year and an increase of 73% month-on-month;Net profit attributable to equity reached RMB 1.6 billion($234 million),EPS was $0.34 per share, higher than the expected $0.17.

Strong third quarter revenue

The improvement of the epidemic situation and the gradual recovery of domestic inter-provincial travel since July, domestic business has become the engine of Ctrip’s business growth in the third quarter.

The financial report shows that Ctrip’s domestic main business revenue in the third quarter achieved a chain growth of over double digits.Among them, the accommodation booking business revenue reached 2.5 billion yuan (365 million US dollars), an increase of 98% from the previous month. Short-distance hotel bookings increased by approximately 20% year-on-year.

On the other hand, countries still block borders due to the epidemic,Demand for overseas high-end customized tours shifts to domestic, To promote Ctrip’s deep cultivation of domestic tourism products, and accelerate the recovery of tourism vacation and business travel management business.

In the third quarter, Ctrip’s travel and vacation business revenue reached 326 million yuan (US$48 million), an increase of 151% from the previous quarter, of which the customized travel business maintained a year-on-year growth of 50% to 60%. During the “Eleventh” Golden Week, Ctrip’s ticket bookings increased by more than 100% year-on-year, a record high.

Live streaming and sinking into keywords

Under the impact of the epidemic, tourism companies are looking for new ideas, and Ctrip is closer to the “transaction”.

Since March, Ctrip’s live broadcast of goods has not diminished enthusiasm, and founder Liang Jianzhang’s exaggerated shape once aroused public opinion. Ctrip said,The customer unit price of Ctrip’s live studio reached 1,300 yuan. Ctrip’s live broadcast matrix GMV totaled more than 2.4 billion yuan, and the number of viewers exceeded 170 million.

At the same time, the “Ctrip Department” looking for additional volume has set its sights on the domestic sinking market, trying to open up the consumption potential of such users through a multi-brand one-stop platform strategy.

Qunar’s new customer growth has remained the same as last year. Nearly half of the new users come from third-tier cities and below; Tongcheng Yilong has been deeply involved in the WeChat mini-program ecology and achieved a 15% increase in total hotel room nights in the third quarter of this year, of which 30% in low-tier cities %,

Fourth quarter performance outlook

Ctrip stated in its third-quarter financial report that the domestic tourism market is expected to continue its strong recovery in the short term, while international business will still be under pressure due to the epidemic. Based on various factors, it is expected that net revenue in the fourth quarter will drop by 37% compared with the same period last year. 42%.

After the release of the financial report, Ctrip stock subsequently rose 2.7% and is now reported at 35.34 US dollars per share. 33 analysts covering Ctrip have given a median 12-month target price of US$227.81 for the stock.Return to Sohu to see more


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Value of 3.81 million tax-free 530,000 Hainan Free Trade Port “zero-tariff” policy is launched


Original title: The value of 3.81 million yuan is tax-free and 530,000 yuan, Hainan Free Trade Port’s “zero tariff” policy is in force

The “zero tariff” policy for raw and auxiliary materials in Hainan Free Trade Port was officially implemented on December 1.enterpriseBegin to enjoy favorable policies.

On December 1, Hainan Airlines HoldingsShareslimitedthe companyThe imported weather radar transceiver with a value of 3.813 million yuan, in accordance with the “zero-tariff” new policy of Hainan Free Trade Port’s raw materials and accessories, was exempted from tax payment of 530,200 yuan.CustomsAfter the rapid release, it was put into production and used, becoming the first “zero-tariff” cargo of raw materials and auxiliary materials in Hainan Free Trade Port. This marks the official implementation of the first “zero tariff” list of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

In the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, it is necessary to realize trade andinvestmentFreedom and convenience.For this reason, the country implements a basic feature of “zero tariff” in Hainan’s trade in goods.taxSystem for inclusion in the listmanagementGoods and articles are exempt from import duties, import value-added tax andconsumptiontax.Including the use of the island’s production for own use or the development of the “two ends outside”ExportThe raw and auxiliary materials consumed in processing are subject to “zero tariff”.

Beijing CountryaccountingLi Xuhong from the college told China Business News that Hainan Airlines’ imports of weather radar transceivers are exempt from import duties and import value-added taxes in accordance with existing policies.according toGeneral Administration of CustomsOfficial website, suitable for weather radar transceiverMost favored nation tax rateIs 0.8%. Therefore, before the implementation of the “zero tariff” policy, the customs duty required to import the weather radar transceiver with the value of 3.813 million yuan is about 30,500 yuan, and the import value-added tax that needs to be paid is about 499,700 yuan. Pay consumption tax. The total amount of taxes to be paid for this batch of goods before enjoying the “zero tariff” policy is 530,200 yuan. Therefore, the implementation of the “zero tariff” policy has effectively reduced Hainan Airlines’ tax burden of 530,200 yuan.

“The implementation of the’zero tariff’ policy will bring huge tax dividend effects to Hainan enterprises, which will help revitalize enterprisesCash flow, Improve its tax compliance, and further promote the construction and development of Hainan Free Trade Port. “Li Xuhong said.

At present, Hainan Free Trade Port’s “zero tariff” policy for goods and articles adopts list management.ShareFour lists, of which the list of raw and auxiliary materials has been officially announced.

On December 1, the “zero tariff” positive list of raw materials and accessories was officially implemented. According to the “Notice on the “Zero Tariff” Policy of Hainan Free Trade Port Raw Materials” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), the positive list covers 169 products. Including coconuts etc.Agricultural products, Coal and other resourcesproduct, Xylene and other chemicals, optical fiber preforms and other raw materials, as well as the above-mentioned radar, aircraft, ship and other parts.

This is good for related companies.For example, airlines that comply with the “Notice” import aircraft landing gear and other parts for routine maintenance, and import comprehensivetax rateAbout 14.13%, a landing gear worth 10 million yuan needs to pay 1.413 million yuan, and there is no tax after December 1. Similarly, Hainan enterprises that meet the requirements of the “Notice” import xylene (comprehensive import tax rate 15.26%), do not have to pay a penny tax to the customs.

In addition, there are three “zero tariff” lists that have not yet been announced, and they are used by Hainanese enterprises.Production equipment“Zero tariff” negative list, used on the islandtrafficThe positive list of “zero tariffs” on ships and aircrafts in the transportation and tourism industries, as well as the island’sResident consumptionImportProductPositive list of “zero tariffs”.

Deputy, Hainan Provincial People’s GovernmentsecretaryThe eldest Sun Shiwen recently stated publicly that the above three lists are expected to be released before the end of this year.

(Source: China Business News)

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