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‘Figure skating player → Shaman’ Choi Won-hee “I can’t jump because I see a ghost… I set up a new party last month”


Former figure skating player Choi Won-hee (23, photo) confessed to the difficult process of becoming a shaman.

On the 1st, a video titled’The first life is over’ on the YouTube channel’Video Mug’ was posted.

In the video, Choi Won-hee said, “If I used to go to the ice rink, now I go to the Sindang next door,” and “I am thinking that my job has changed.”

“I set up a new hall at the end of last month. It has been about 50 days since I became a shaman.”

Starting figure skating at the age of 10, he was talented enough to win a gold medal, but faced all kinds of adversity and eventually quit his career three years ago and worked as a coach.

On the occasion of becoming a shaman, Choi Won-hee said, “I have seen ghosts since I was a child. Even when I was exercising, I couldn’t jump because I had ghosts.”

He said, “Then, it was so difficult and painful this year that I decided that I had to go down.”

Choi Won-hee’s mother (pictured above) said, “My daughter only excels in artistry, but I didn’t know that she would excel in this direction. “I am grateful for what I am accepting.” He confessed, “The most difficult situation is that the family does not understand.”

Choi Won-hee said, “In my family, only my mother supports me. My mom is crying a lot and is struggling with me.” “Now my first life is completely over. “I have a determination to go this road perfectly.”

Shin Jeong-in, online news reporter [email protected]

Photo =’Video Mug’ YouTube channel capture

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Lived alone, fell in love, and fell in love; Meera notes


Actress Meera Nandan reveals that she has fallen in love in her life. The revelation was made in an Instagram post written by Meera on her 30th birthday. Meera shares about the events of her life in her twenties and the life experiences she went through.

‘Looking back to my twenties I have learned a lot over the past decade and gained my first experience in many things. In order to get to what I am today, I do not want to change anything, be it high or low.

After graduating from college, I earned a degree and in the meantime started my acting career, moved to Dubai and in the meantime got a chance to see a hand in radio (which is what I like most now). Lived alone. In love, he suffered heart attacks. We have learned to love ourselves. I realized that family is the most important thing anyway. Gained new friends. Now that we are going through an epidemic, I think good days are coming. My twenties were good, but I expect my thirties to be even better, ”Meera said.

Meera started her career as a reality show presenter on the mini screen. He started his acting career with Mulla directed by Lal Jose. Through different roles, Meera became the favorite heroine of the Malayalees. Meera is currently taking a break from film and working as a radio jockey.

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Are you interested? Caviar produces the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth without a gold-plated camera, starting at about 150,000 baht.


As COVID-19 continues to spread, Apple has opened up more opportunities than ever to enable customers to support (RED) in the fight against HIV / AIDS in Africa and protect communities from COVID-19. together

In 2006, Apple joined (RED) ‘s mission to end the HIV / AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa over the past 14 years. A partnership between Apple and (RED) can raise funds for The World Fund’s HIV / AIDS Program Up to US $ 250 Million For prevention, testing and consulting services, since 2006, Apple subsidies have been helping more than 10.8 million people, distributing more than 167 million HIV test kits, and making more. More than 13.8 million people have continued access to life-saving antiretroviral therapy (ARV).

This year, communities around the world are grappling with HIV / AIDS, while coping with and protecting themselves from COVID-19, especially in vulnerable populations, where COVID-19 poses many challenges in access to treatment, diagnostics and medical devices. physician Causing major HIV / AIDS projects to be frequently disrupted And to mitigate the problem and create a continuation of saving lives from HIV / AIDS, Apple is moving its subsidy to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 response program early in the epidemic. As a result of the support of Apple and Apple customers, the Global Fund’s COVID-19 response program can mitigate COVID-19 impacts on communities. It has been greatly affected by HIV / AIDS and also supports a critical public health system affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

These funds also help with close contact in South Africa. Helping to provide adequate self-defense equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers and to provide emergency medical equipment in Ghana. As well as helping to purchase motorcycles to deliver HIV drugs to communities in different areas. Apple has also donated millions of PPEs to the Zambian Ministry of Health. Which includes medical masks provided from supply chain sources Including the phase shield that Apple designed and produced

Supporting the fight against HIV / AIDS

Over the years, Apple customers around the world have played a key role in the fight to end AIDS, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for this purpose. And this year, (RED) support and dedication to HIV / AIDS prevention and treatment will be easier than ever.

Apple offers a wide selection of new (PRODUCT) RED devices and accessories this holiday season, including the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 12, the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 12 mini and the (PRODUCT) Apple Watch Series 6. RED From now until June 30, 2021, Apple will provide a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of 100 percent of (PRODUCT) RED to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response Program to provide service and treatment to certain communities where Most fragile in the world

From now through December 7, Apple will donate $ 1 per each purchase through the Apple Store app or Apple Store to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response Program.

Building awareness

To increase awareness of World AIDS Day and its ongoing dedication to eliminating HIV / AIDS, hundreds of Apple Stores adorn red logos or display their storefronts on the day.

On Apple Music, listeners can listen to Nigerian artist LADIPOE’s release of “Jaiye” (“Time of Our Lives”). Remixed by DJ Sigag and Aluna, the first single of “DANCE (RED) SAVE LIVES Vol. III.” Users can also listen to interviews with LADIPOE, Aluna and Don Jazzy from The Ebro Show on Apple Music 1 or Hear a selection of music and more. Many more from Apple Music special recommendations

In the App Store, customers can learn more about Apple’s (PRODUCT) RED and learn about the challenges in the fight against HIV / AIDS and COVID-19 as they progress. The App Store is also introducing the Medisafe (MediSafe) app. That helps users schedule medication and OkaySo (Tincan Labs), which provides anonymous location information. To enable people to inquire about fragile health problems and get expert answers.

For the Apple TV app, customers can find World AIDS Day collections in the “Watch Now” tab, which explores the story that reveals the costs of humanity arising from the HIV / AIDS epidemic.

Anyone interested can purchase (PRODUCT) RED products at: https://www.apple.com/th/product-red/

Source: Apple

Performance Bulletin | Ctrip achieves first quarter profit since the epidemic, domestic travel becomes a growth engine_Business


Original Title: Performance Bulletin | Ctrip achieves first quarter profit since the epidemic, domestic travel becomes a growth engine

With the effective control of the epidemic, the scarred tourism industry has accelerated its recovery.On December 2, the unaudited financial report released by Ctrip showed thatIn the third quarter, Ctrip achieved profit in the first quarter since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.

In the three months ending September 30,Ctrip Group’s net revenue was RMB 5.5 billion (US$805 million), a decrease of 48% year-on-year and an increase of 73% month-on-month;Net profit attributable to equity reached RMB 1.6 billion($234 million),EPS was $0.34 per share, higher than the expected $0.17.

Strong third quarter revenue

The improvement of the epidemic situation and the gradual recovery of domestic inter-provincial travel since July, domestic business has become the engine of Ctrip’s business growth in the third quarter.

The financial report shows that Ctrip’s domestic main business revenue in the third quarter achieved a chain growth of over double digits.Among them, the accommodation booking business revenue reached 2.5 billion yuan (365 million US dollars), an increase of 98% from the previous month. Short-distance hotel bookings increased by approximately 20% year-on-year.

On the other hand, countries still block borders due to the epidemic,Demand for overseas high-end customized tours shifts to domestic, To promote Ctrip’s deep cultivation of domestic tourism products, and accelerate the recovery of tourism vacation and business travel management business.

In the third quarter, Ctrip’s travel and vacation business revenue reached 326 million yuan (US$48 million), an increase of 151% from the previous quarter, of which the customized travel business maintained a year-on-year growth of 50% to 60%. During the “Eleventh” Golden Week, Ctrip’s ticket bookings increased by more than 100% year-on-year, a record high.

Live streaming and sinking into keywords

Under the impact of the epidemic, tourism companies are looking for new ideas, and Ctrip is closer to the “transaction”.

Since March, Ctrip’s live broadcast of goods has not diminished enthusiasm, and founder Liang Jianzhang’s exaggerated shape once aroused public opinion. Ctrip said,The customer unit price of Ctrip’s live studio reached 1,300 yuan. Ctrip’s live broadcast matrix GMV totaled more than 2.4 billion yuan, and the number of viewers exceeded 170 million.

At the same time, the “Ctrip Department” looking for additional volume has set its sights on the domestic sinking market, trying to open up the consumption potential of such users through a multi-brand one-stop platform strategy.

Qunar’s new customer growth has remained the same as last year. Nearly half of the new users come from third-tier cities and below; Tongcheng Yilong has been deeply involved in the WeChat mini-program ecology and achieved a 15% increase in total hotel room nights in the third quarter of this year, of which 30% in low-tier cities %,

Fourth quarter performance outlook

Ctrip stated in its third-quarter financial report that the domestic tourism market is expected to continue its strong recovery in the short term, while international business will still be under pressure due to the epidemic. Based on various factors, it is expected that net revenue in the fourth quarter will drop by 37% compared with the same period last year. 42%.

After the release of the financial report, Ctrip stock subsequently rose 2.7% and is now reported at 35.34 US dollars per share. 33 analysts covering Ctrip have given a median 12-month target price of US$227.81 for the stock.Return to Sohu to see more


Disclaimer: The opinions of this article only represent the author himself. Sohu is an information publishing platform. Sohu only provides information storage space services.


Value of 3.81 million tax-free 530,000 Hainan Free Trade Port “zero-tariff” policy is launched


Original title: The value of 3.81 million yuan is tax-free and 530,000 yuan, Hainan Free Trade Port’s “zero tariff” policy is in force

The “zero tariff” policy for raw and auxiliary materials in Hainan Free Trade Port was officially implemented on December 1.enterpriseBegin to enjoy favorable policies.

On December 1, Hainan Airlines HoldingsShareslimitedthe companyThe imported weather radar transceiver with a value of 3.813 million yuan, in accordance with the “zero-tariff” new policy of Hainan Free Trade Port’s raw materials and accessories, was exempted from tax payment of 530,200 yuan.CustomsAfter the rapid release, it was put into production and used, becoming the first “zero-tariff” cargo of raw materials and auxiliary materials in Hainan Free Trade Port. This marks the official implementation of the first “zero tariff” list of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

In the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, it is necessary to realize trade andinvestmentFreedom and convenience.For this reason, the country implements a basic feature of “zero tariff” in Hainan’s trade in goods.taxSystem for inclusion in the listmanagementGoods and articles are exempt from import duties, import value-added tax andconsumptiontax.Including the use of the island’s production for own use or the development of the “two ends outside”ExportThe raw and auxiliary materials consumed in processing are subject to “zero tariff”.

Beijing CountryaccountingLi Xuhong from the college told China Business News that Hainan Airlines’ imports of weather radar transceivers are exempt from import duties and import value-added taxes in accordance with existing policies.according toGeneral Administration of CustomsOfficial website, suitable for weather radar transceiverMost favored nation tax rateIs 0.8%. Therefore, before the implementation of the “zero tariff” policy, the customs duty required to import the weather radar transceiver with the value of 3.813 million yuan is about 30,500 yuan, and the import value-added tax that needs to be paid is about 499,700 yuan. Pay consumption tax. The total amount of taxes to be paid for this batch of goods before enjoying the “zero tariff” policy is 530,200 yuan. Therefore, the implementation of the “zero tariff” policy has effectively reduced Hainan Airlines’ tax burden of 530,200 yuan.

“The implementation of the’zero tariff’ policy will bring huge tax dividend effects to Hainan enterprises, which will help revitalize enterprisesCash flow, Improve its tax compliance, and further promote the construction and development of Hainan Free Trade Port. “Li Xuhong said.

At present, Hainan Free Trade Port’s “zero tariff” policy for goods and articles adopts list management.ShareFour lists, of which the list of raw and auxiliary materials has been officially announced.

On December 1, the “zero tariff” positive list of raw materials and accessories was officially implemented. According to the “Notice on the “Zero Tariff” Policy of Hainan Free Trade Port Raw Materials” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), the positive list covers 169 products. Including coconuts etc.Agricultural products, Coal and other resourcesproduct, Xylene and other chemicals, optical fiber preforms and other raw materials, as well as the above-mentioned radar, aircraft, ship and other parts.

This is good for related companies.For example, airlines that comply with the “Notice” import aircraft landing gear and other parts for routine maintenance, and import comprehensivetax rateAbout 14.13%, a landing gear worth 10 million yuan needs to pay 1.413 million yuan, and there is no tax after December 1. Similarly, Hainan enterprises that meet the requirements of the “Notice” import xylene (comprehensive import tax rate 15.26%), do not have to pay a penny tax to the customs.

In addition, there are three “zero tariff” lists that have not yet been announced, and they are used by Hainanese enterprises.Production equipment“Zero tariff” negative list, used on the islandtrafficThe positive list of “zero tariffs” on ships and aircrafts in the transportation and tourism industries, as well as the island’sResident consumptionImportProductPositive list of “zero tariffs”.

Deputy, Hainan Provincial People’s GovernmentsecretaryThe eldest Sun Shiwen recently stated publicly that the above three lists are expected to be released before the end of this year.

(Source: China Business News)

(Editor in charge: DF150)

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Thailand has 18 COVID-sickness from Thailand, including snoopers from Myanmar, accumulated 4,026 – innnews


The COVID-19 Situation Management Center, released on December 2, 2020, said the current situation Thailand ranks 151st in the world, 18 new cases, 4,026 cumulative cases confirmed, returned home. 3,822 people treated 144 people and died a total of 60.

With new patients arriving fromTurkey: 1 case Is a 56-year-old Thai woman who arrived in Thailand on Nov 17, ’20 per plane in Qatar. Which found 2 confirmed infected patients on the same flight stayed in Alternative State Quarantine at Samut Prakan Province The first infection was detected on 22 Nov 20. The result was asymptomatic.

Travel fromKuwait 1 dead Is a Thai male patient, age 53 years, occupation in construction Arrived in Thailand on 17 Nov 20, connecting the plane at Qatar. Which found 2 same flight confirmed patients staying at State Quarantine at Chonburi Province First detection of infection on 20 Nov 20. The result was asymptomatic.

Travel fromGermany: 1 case A 24-year-old unemployed Thai woman arrived in Thailand on November 19, 2020, where one confirmed flight patient was found staying at State Quarantine in Bangkok. First detection of infection on November 30, 20. Results showed no symptoms.

Travel fromEgypt: 1 dead Is a male patient of Egyptian nationality, age 44, occupation a language teacher Arrived in Thailand on 24 Nov 20, connecting the plane at Dubai Which found 1 same flight confirmation patient staying at Alternative State Quarantine at Samut Prakan Province The first infection was tested on 29 Nov 20. The result was asymptomatic.

Travel fromIsrael: 1 case A 31-year-old Thai male patient, unemployed, arrived in Thailand on November 25, 2020 and stayed at State Quarantine in Chonburi Province. First detection of infection on November 30, 20. Results showed no symptoms.

Travel fromJapan: 2 cases Is a 24-year-old Thai male patient occupation a contractor And a 29-year-old Thai woman patient Occupation farmer arrived in Thailand 25 Nov ’20, found 3 confirmed patients on the same flight stay at State Quarantine in Chonburi Province. The first infection was tested on 29 Nov 20. The result was asymptomatic.

Travel fromSweden: 1 case A 32-year-old Thai woman, a housewife, arrived in Thailand on 26 Nov ’20, where one confirmed flight patient was found staying at State Quarantine in Bangkok. First detection of infection on November 30, 20. Results showed no symptoms.

Way fromSudan: 1 dead A 57-year-old female patient of Sudanese nationality, arrived in Thailand on November 30, 2020 and stayed at Alternative Hospital Quarantine in Bangkok. First detection of infection on November 30, 20. Results showed no symptoms.

Travel fromSwitzerland 5 dead Is a Thai female patient, age 27 years, is a student, is a Thai male patient, age 31, occupation programmer, is a 56-year-old Thai female patient, is a housewife, is a 56-year-old Thai female patient, is a housewife. And a 66-year-old Thai woman, a housewife, arrived in Thailand on the 25th, where two confirmed infected patients were found on the same flight, staying at State Quarantine at Chonburi Province. All the first infectious agents were tested on 29 Nov 63. The results were asymptomatic.

Travel fromUnited States: 1 case Is a Thai male patient, age 69 years, occupation, pensioner Arrived in Thailand on 29 Nov ’20, stayed at Alternative State Quarantine in Bangkok, tested for infection for the first time on Nov 30, ’20 results were asymptomatic.

Travel fromMyanmar: 2 dead Is a 43-year-old Thai woman patient, occupation a company employee The first infection was detected on 29 Nov 20. The result was asymptomatic. And a Thai male patient, age 44, occupation a company employee The first infection test was on 28 Nov 20. Both cases were asymptomatic and arrived in Thailand on 24 Nov 20 and stayed at State Quarantine in Bangkok.

And patients traveling from abroad, traveling fromMyanmar: 1 person Is a 25-year-old Thai woman patient, occupation of entertainment venue staff Arrived in Thailand on 26 Nov 20, entered Thailand along a nature path and stayed at Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital. The first infection was examined on the 30th, the result was asymptomatic.

In the global situation of COVID-19, a total of 64,188,950 infected cases were reported, 106,030 severe symptoms, 44,437,980 recovered and 1,486,609 deaths.

There was a player who was faster than Hawk and Ukyo Shuto … Which of the top 5 Pacific League players had the triple triple arrival time? | Full-Count


Baseball is a sport in which each play time is very short. The time from the moment you hit a pitch to the time when the result is confirmed by a goro or a fly is usually only about 4 to 8 seconds.

Pacific League

Softbank, Ukyo Shuto[Image: Parsol Pacific League TV]

Seibu Spangenberg, who finished in 5th place, is the top triple in the league.

Baseball is a sport in which each play time is very short. The time from the moment you hit a pitch to the time when the result is confirmed by a goro or a fly is usually only about 4 to 8 seconds.

[Video]Faster than Shuto, the hawk of the stealing king … Actual video of Ori Sano reaching third base in no time

However, there are times when one play exceeds 10 seconds. That is the triple hit scene.

It’s a rare opportunity to see the brave figure of a running player for the longest time, but who was the player who surprised the fans by reaching third base in the shortest time as if he refused to do so?

Here are the top five times to reach the third base after hitting in this season’s Pacific League triples, which were recorded from the opening on June 19th to the final round on November 9th.

In the pre-season stage, Cory Spangenberg infielder (Seibu), whose long registered name was more prominent than “how much can he play?”, Finished 5th with a good time of 10 seconds 83. Has entered.

Originally, Spangenberg had been appealing for his speed since the announcement of joining the team, and he often hit the number one in the early part of the season due to the good performance of the open game, but the final batting average is .268. At one point, it was less than .250, and I couldn’t say that I was happy to let go.

However, the play style with full swing and sprinting is a good helper. In addition, when Seibu joined the battle for 2nd place at the end of the season, he showed his presence by producing results in the game. In the video that came in 5th place, you can get a glimpse of the speed of Spangenberg. When I broke the middle right of ZOZO Marine Stadium deeply, I decided to hit the ball in front of the second base and reached the third base at once.

By the way, this season, Spangenberg recorded eight triples. This is the top of the 12 teams, surpassing the seven infielders Ukyo Shuto (Softbank) and Yota Kyoda infielder (Chunichi). If Sosuke Genda, an infielder who was a regular in this ranking until the previous year, was placed in 5th place in the time, it would be okay to give him the title of “Mr. Triple”.

Hawk Speedster Shuto monopolizes from 4th to 2nd place

Liverpool top 8 !! 14 Premier League players To be added to the best team of UEFA


Participants “Reds” have a name to 8 people who parade 50 players to win the UEFA team of the year. Bruno Fernand is the only one that comes from Manchester United.

The European Football Federation (UEFA) has announced the list of 50 UEFA team players of the year, with 14 players from the English Premier League in action, including regular Cristiano Ronaldo. Dido and Lionel Messi

Ronaldo, Superstar from Juventus Named for the 17th year in a row, he has been in the top 13 for the last 13 times, while Barcelona’s elite Messi has been nominated 15 times and topped out 11. The Bayern Munich Triple Champion club from Germany. There are 10 players for Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain. There are 8 football names per team.

The selection criteria for players are based on the performance of players in competitions organized by the European Football Organization. And the results of the domestic football games from January to December 2020, with players from 21 clubs in 19 nations in the dart, the selection of 11 best players UEFA has open to fans to vote through the website www. uefa.com

Barcelona legendary striker Lionel Messi.

The names of players that have been selected have the title to be the best European team.

Goalkeeper: Alesson Becker (Liverpool), Anthony Lopes (Lyon Olympics), Kayler Navas (Paris Saint-Germain), Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich), Jan Obac (Atletico Madrid)

Defender: David Alaba (Bayern Munich), tTrust Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), Angelino (RB Leipzig), Juan Bernat (Paris Saint-Germain), Alfonso Davis (Bayern Munich), Mat Teis de Ligt (Juventus), Stefan de Fry (Inter Milan), Hans Hateboure (Atalanta), Joshua Kimmich (Ba Yern Munich), President Kim Pembe (Paris Saint-Germain), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Andrew Robertson (Liverpool), Thiago Silva (Paris Saint-Germain / Chelsea)Dayot Upamegano (RB Leipzig), Fergil van Dyke (Liverpool)

Bruno Fernand, Manchester United midfielder.

Midfielder: Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich / Liverpool), Ussem Aouar (Lyon), Everbaneka (Sevilla / Al-Shabab), Nicolo Barella (Inter Milan), Kingsley Jay Goman (Bayern Munich), Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City), Bruno Fernand (Manchester United), Alejandro Gomez (Atalanta), Leon Goretska (Bayern Munich), Kaihavertz (Bayer Leverkusen / Chelsea), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Josip Ilisic (Atalanta), Marquinhos (Paris Saint-Germain), Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich), Marquez. Zelsabitzer (RB Leipzig)

Striker Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur.

Vanguard: Erlinghaland (Borussia Dortmund), Angel Di Maria (Pris Saint-Germain, Chuou Felix (Atletico Madrid), Sergean Nabi (Bayern Munich), Shirou Immobile (Lazio), Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur Hot Line spores).Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich), Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan), Sadio Mane (Liverpool), Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain, Christia Ronaldo (Juventus), Mohamed Salah (Liverpool), Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)


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Jones collects oranges! Reds open home to slash Ajax 1-0 to hold the Group D championship.


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Crosstalk actor won the singer award to attract controversial music, who has the final say?


  Original title: Crosstalk actor won the singer award, citing controversial music and traffic, who has the final say?

 Crosstalk actor wins singer award causing controversy

Music Festival: Who has the final say on music and traffic?

  Literary bomb

Recently, a music festival awarded the “Most Breakthrough Male Singer Award” to a cross talk actor, which caused considerable controversy in the industry.

Some people commented on “absurdity” and “breaking through the bottom line of the Chinese music scene.” Some people think that many awards have long been separated from music, entertainment first, traffic first, so you don’t need to be too serious.

People in the industry believe that our own music festival should have its own cultural heritage. The current music festival lacks good music, and there is a lack of program organizers who really love music.


Music awards to comedians

  Music critics are “ridiculous”

At a music festival held on the evening of November 29, a crosstalk actor won the “Most Breakthrough Male Singer Award”. Although the winner has previously released albums and singles, his identity is still a comedian.

In this regard, the “Poison Tongue” music critic Ding Taisheng has a large number of “ridiculous”, and said that awarding music awards to those who talk about cross talk is a breakthrough, “breaking the bottom line of the Chinese music world”, and ironically said, “One dare to give, the other dare want”.

Ding Taisheng also complained for many musicians who were immersed in their hard work. “Even if the music world is down, there are still so many singers struggling to make breakthroughs. Dare to be worthy of a cross talk?”

It is understood that the gold content of the awards for this music festival held in Shenzhen has yet to be considered. In addition to the cross talk actor, the invited singers are of limited popularity, such as Guan Li, Li Xinyi, Bai Jugang, Li Yugang, Jiang Yunsheng, Cai Zhuoyi, Dong Youlin, etc. According to the audience’s description, this “festival” looks like a large-scale fan meeting, and the awards are more like a show for fans to sell tickets.

Some netizens commented: “Break through my cognitive bottom line.”

“The Chinese music scene has no bottom line, and whoever has traffic will give awards.”

“It’s not ridiculous. Isn’t the review criteria for male singers and female singers only popular?”

“This is an awards ceremony controlled by capital.”


Most music festivals are reduced to commercial performances

Sometimes even a transaction

Xiaofei, a senior music agent and general manager of Beijing Yuyue Cultural Records, said in an interview with a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily that a crosstalk actor won the music award, which sounds incredible.

“I don’t know the meaning of such a festival? The organizers really want to curry audiences and bring artists to them. It is undoubtedly hurting those artists who are immature.”

Xiaofei believes that as a music festival in the Mainland, it should have its own cultural heritage, and music has to go its own way. In these years, music festivals are rarely seen, because these so-called music festivals are not carrying the second dimension of Japan or practicing in Korea. Health culture, “Is the so-called platform really for the sound development of music? Communicating with Asia is not being thoroughly baptized by others, and communicating with the world is by no means helping Japanese and Korean music to fuel the flames.”

The well-known music critic Lu Shiwei introduced in an interview with a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily that most of the similar award ceremonies in China do not have award criteria. The list of artists to be invited is currently well-known and has a certain amount of traffic. If it is blunt, please invite whoever is popular. Awards are given to whoever can come, and even awards can be tailored.

“The organizer definitely wants to invite some very popular people to set up the scene. When they come, you have to design a so-called award for them in return.”

Lu Shiwei introduced that many so-called grand ceremonies are actually commercial projects. Commercial activities carried out in the name of awards are not particularly related to the fairness of real music awards. “Sometimes it is even a negotiation or a transaction. I will give you an award, give you a so-called exposure and so on, you come to support me.” Lu Shiwei said.


Actually missing a song

Deserved music

Senior musician Li Guangping said that unlike the past, many so-called music festivals do not have any selection criteria. To put it bluntly, the organizer sets up awards for self-entertainment. “The organizer uses this as a gimmick for singers. An award, reducing or not giving performance fees to promote certain sponsors or brands, nothing more.” Li Guangping said.

Senior music agent Xiaofei believes that what our music festival lacks is actually a piece of music that deserves its name, music that we will pay tribute to in a few years, and a show organizer who truly loves music. , Not the organizer of any business title. (Reporter Shou Penghuan)


The whole world is noisy! Foreign survey: computer players have the highest IQ and the lowest mobile phone players | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM


Reporter Lin Boting / Comprehensive Report

The platform for playing video games is actually closely related to “IQ”? “Royal Panda”, a foreign company operating online casinos, recently released a sample survey.It conducted 4 tests on 1,001 players and users of various 3C products, including language ability, mathematical ability, logical reasoning and visual reasoning, and found that mobile game players had the lowest IQ (Intelligenzquotient, or IQ) on average.

▲Comprehensively 4 tests, mobile platform players ranked bottom in 3 projects. (Photo/Retrieved from Royal Panda)

According to Royal Panda’s statistical results, PC players have the highest average IQ, with an IQ of 112.3, followed by PS4 (110.7) → Xbox One (103.8) → Nintendo Switch (101.3).The lowest are mobile gamers, with only 99.4, Is also the only existence below 100 on all major platforms.

▲The average IQ ranking of players on 5 platforms. (Photo/Retrieved from Royal Panda)

In addition, the report also lists the games played by the test subjects and the average IQ of the players. The results show that the players who played “Rainbow Six: Siege” have the highest IQ, with an average of 120.3, and there are space werewolves. The so-called “Among Us” ranked second at 118.9 on average, and the sandbox game “Minecraft” ranked third at 116.3.

▲The average IQ of players in the above 3 games is higher. (Photo/Retrieved from Royal Panda)

Countless players have heated discussions about the low average IQ of mobile game players. Some people think that because some games are operated across multiple platforms, there is no need to interpret the statistical results too much. However, some players believe that most mobile games will simplify the game content a lot because of the platform characteristics, which greatly reduces the threshold for getting started. Therefore, the statistical results are representative and have their own opinions.